Bangladesh Visa for Indians – Complete Guide

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Bangladesh visas for Indians are issued by the Bangladesh Embassy located in the home country of the applicant who needs a visa for business and other related activities. 

Bangladesh is a country known for its wide range of clothes manufacturers. Generally, people visit Bangladesh for business because Bangladesh is where all types of clothes are manufactured and exported to different countries. 

People also apply for Bangladesh tourism visas to explore the beauty, culture, tradition, etc. 

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Here, we have described everything that will help you get a Bangladesh visa according to your visit purpose. 

Types of Visas for Bangladesh

The following are the most common types of Bangladesh visas for Indians.

  • Bangladesh Tourist Visa
  • Bangladesh Business Visa
  • Bangladesh Employment Visa
  • Bangladesh Student Visa

Along with all these types of Bangladesh visas, there are four more visas provided to non-immigrants according to their purpose of visiting the country. 

  • Bangladesh Journalist Visa
  • Diplomatic/Governmental Visa
  • Bangladesh Research Visa
  • Bangladesh Transit Visa

Bangladesh Visa Document Requirements

The following are the documents you need to submit with your Bangladesh visa application form to provide genuine information to the visa officer about your purpose and duration of stay in Bangladesh. 

  • Printed Bangladesh Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-Size
  • Payment Proof 

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Tourist Visa

  • Travel itinerary
  • Hotel reservation 
  • India to Bangladesh and vice-versa air tickets 
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Medical insurance 

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Business Visa

  • Employment letter 
  • Letter of invitation from the employer

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Investor Visa

  •  A Letter of Recommendation

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Researcher Visa

  • A Letter of Recommendation from the sponsor 
  • A letter from the authority in the home country of the applicant 

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Journalist Visa

  • FF-1 and FF-2 application forms
  • List of the equipment the applicant will carry 

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Student Visa

  • Letter of enrollment 
  • Attested transfer certificate 
  • Attested educational documents 
  • Bank statement of the applicant or who is sponsoring his trip 

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Employment Visa

  • Letter from employer 
  • A Letter of Recommendation from BEPZA/BOI

Additional Documents for Bangladesh Family Visa

  • Proof of family relationship with the person who is the sponsor of your visa application 

The requirements of documents change from time to time as per the new guidelines issued by countries. Prior to finalising the type of your Bangladesh visa and applying for it online or offline, consult SEPL expert visa consultants

SEPL is the abbreviation for Superb Enterprise Private Limited that has the official approval from the Ministry of External Affairs to provide document and certificate attestation and apostille services to the applicants. 

Besides attestation and apostille, SEPL deals in visa stamping and visa processing. 

How to Apply for a Bangladesh Visa Online?

The following are steps to apply for a Bangladesh visa online.

Step 1 – Visit the Bangladesh visa portal to apply online.

Step 2 – Choose your type of Bangladesh visa.

Step 3 – Add your password and log-on application ID (if you have visited Bangladesh before).

Step 4 – Pay your visa fee. 

Step 5 – Fill in the information on the purpose and duration of your visit to Bangladesh.

Step 6 – Select the Bangladeshi embassy in your home country to collect your visa. 

Step 7 – Submit all the necessary documents mentioned in the checklist of your visa application. 

Try to submit your visa application with the required documents in one sitting. Once you submit your application successfully online, you will receive the address and contact information of the embassy where you can visit to submit your printed visa application for Bangladesh.  

You cannot directly visit the diplomatic mission to submit your application for a visa. You need to take the appointment from the concerned diplomatic mission.

Because processing visa applications is not easy, and people face problems in submitting their visa applications online in one sitting. It is the reason people apply for a visa through SEPL. 

Bangladesh Visa Processing Time

Your visa application process time depends on the type of visa you have applied for and your visit duration. But, when you submit your visa application through a certified agency like SEPL for visa processing, the visa consultant completes your visa application swiftly and securely.

Also, the visa consultant who knows the ins and outs of your visa application will help you with document attestations and book your India to Bangladesh, and vice-versa travel tickets to process your visa application fast. 

Bangladesh Visa Fees

The fees depend on the type of visa. Two processing systems are applied for Bangladesh visas for Indians – Normal and External. 

The only difference between normal and external visa processing is the amount the authorities charge from the applicant and the duration of the processing and issuing of the visa to the applicant. 

EntryPurpose/ Stay DurationValidityFees
Single Entry normalTourist /1 month30 days 1500
Double entry normalTourist /1 month30 days 2000
Multiple entry normalTourist /1 month30 days 2500
Double entry normalBusiness /1 month30 days 2000
Multiple entry normalTourist /1 month180 days5000
Single entry expressTourist /1 month30 days 2500
Double entry expressTourist /1 month30 days 3000
Multiple entry expressTourist /1 month30 days 3500
Multiple entry normalBusiness /1 month90 days 2700
Multiple entry normalBusiness /1 month180 days 5000
Double entry expressBusiness /1 month30 days 3000
Multiple entry expressBusiness /1 month90 days 5000
Multiple entry expressTourist /1 month 90 days 4000
Multiple entry expressTourist /1 month180 days 7500
Single entry expressBusiness /1 month30 days 2500
Multiple entry expressBusiness /1 month180 days 7500
Multiple entry normalBusiness /1 month 30 days 2500
Single entry normalBusiness /1 month 30 days 2500
Multiple entry normalBusiness/1 month360 days 12500
Multiple entry normalTourist/1 month90 days 2700
Multiple entry normalTourist/1 month 360 days 12500

If you or anyone in your family or friend plan to apply for a Bangladesh visa, consult us for visa consultation and visa processing. Besides visa consultant services, we will help you with document attestation for Bangladesh and arrange tickets to travel insurance to medical insurance for you.