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India is the only country where people cherish different religions, customs, and beliefs. A wedding ceremony in India is no less than a big festival. Indians believe marriage is not only about two people taking an oath to stay with each other in every condition.

It is a trust that two families show in each other and become one single family to experience the happiness and grief in life together. 

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No matter who you are and the culture you follow to perform a wedding ceremony. A marriage in India needs registration to prove its existence. Whether you marry in a Hindu or Sikh way, marriage registration is vital for legal procedures, such as a spouse visa for abroad, etc.  

In India, the registration of marriages is the task accomplished under two acts, the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, and the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Prior to reading about these marriage acts and the benefits of marriage registration, let’s look at how you can apply for a marriage certificate online in India. 

How to Apply Marriage Certificate Online in Delhi

Applying for a marriage certificate online is the facility the Indian government provides to save time for the applicant and registrar officer. 

On top of this, the procedure to apply for it is less troublesome. Getting a marriage certificate online is easy, with fewer visits to the marriage registrar’s office. 

Here are the ideal steps to get a marriage certificate online in India.

1. Visit the official website of the government of the home state department to which the applicant belongs. For instance, the E-district Delhi website is the website for Delhi residents to apply for a marriage certificate in Delhi. 

e district delhi home page

2. If you already have a login ID then click on registered users login else click new user to create an account.

e district delhi login page

3. Then search for the “apply for services” option after login & click no “registration of marriage”

4. Then click the apply after that  marriage registrar form will open up and fill it up with your relevant details. 

5. When you submit the form, you will receive a message including a particular date and time to present at the marriage registrar’s office with your legal documents and two witnesses from each side.

6. After all these steps your marriage certificate will be issued.

Marriage Registration Acts in India 

  1. A marriage solemnised between two Hindus, Buddhists, Jain, or Sikhs, is registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. 
  2. A wedding ceremony between parties who are not Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, or Sikh is solemnised and registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1955. 

Under the Hindu Marriage act, 1955, the registrar provides your date and time to meet him after 15-30 days of submission of the form.

The applicant marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act,1954, will get a time and date after 60 days of the form submission to meet the registrar’s office. 

Documents Required to Apply for a Marriage Certificate Online in Delhi 

  1. Filled application form with both husband and wife signed.
  2. The applicant’s proof of address, like a Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Passport, Driving Licence. 
  3. Birth certificates of both husband and wife. 
  4. Two passport-sized photographs of husband and wife. 
  5. One marriage photograph 
  6. Separate Marriage Affidavits from both husband and wife. 
  7. Aadhaar Card of husband and wife. 
  8. Marriage invitation card.

Submit all documents self-attested by both the parties, husband, and wife, to get a marriage certificate online or offline in India.

Fees to Get a Marriage Certificate Online in Delhi 

  1. The fees under the Hindu Marriage Act depend on the city you have applied from for a marriage certificate. Generally, registering a marriage certificate under the Hindu Marriage Act costs INR 100.
  1. The marriages registered under the Special Marriage Act cost the applicants INR 150.
  1. For the Tatkal Marriage Registration, you spend INR 10,000 to get your marriage certificate in a single day. 

Are you Eligible to Apply for a Marriage Certificate Online in Delhi? 

  • The husband should be 18 or above, and the wife should be 21 or more. 
  • The couple should live for at least one month in the state where the registrar applied for a marriage certificate. 
  • Two marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act are not legal and prohibited. 
  • Under the Special Marriage Act, two marriages are legal.

Importance to Apply for a Marriage Certificate

  1. Declare the marital status of two individuals. 
  2. Change the surname of the spouse in the legal documents.
  3. Opening a joint bank account. 
  4. Applying for a spouse visa. 
  5. Add spouse name in the bank documents. 
  6. To claim spouse insurance money. 
  7. To claim for spouse assets.

The Purpose of Serving a Marriage Certificate in India 

The Indian government requests married couples to apply for their marriage certificate to prevent the following crimes and work for the rights of the citizens.

  1. Giving equal rights to the husband and wife. 
  2. Distribution of heritage. 
  3. Stop child marriages. 
  4. Avoid fraudulent marriage cases.

It is beneficial for couples to register their marriage right after the wedlock day to avoid any trouble in the future. A marriage certificate is a crucial document for a spouse or family visa. 

This document is what you need to prove in a foreign country that you are legally and happily married. On the other hand, if things do not go well between a husband and wife, a marriage certificate is what they need to apply for a divorce. 

How to Download Marriage Certificate Online

  • Log in to the official website E-district Delhi Portal
  • Click the Print/Download Certificate option available on the home page.
e district delhi download certificate
  • Fill the detail such as department & applied for i.e., marriage certificate.
e district delhi certificate download form
  • Fill in your application/certificate number and date of birth.
  • Crack the captcha code and enter. 
  • When you click the continue option, your marriage certificate will display on the screen. You can click the print option and take a printout of your marriage certificate. 

Sample of Affidavit for Marriage Certificate Delhi

Two scanned copies of the original Affidavit from both the bride and groom are compulsory to upload to apply for a marriage certificate online in Delhi. Original Affidavits from the Groom and Bride are also obligatory to submit to the concerned SDM/Tehsildar/CSC with the marriage certificate online Application /Acknowledgement number.


I,______________ S/o./D/o. __________________ R/o____________________________________________ Age _____________ do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:- 

1. I got married to Mr/Ms. _________________________________________ S/o / D/o. Sh__________________________ R/o. _______________________________________________ (date) at ___________________________________ according to Hindu rites and ceremonies. 

2. I born on ________________________ and at the time of marriage I was ____________________ years old. 

3. I was not married till the time of marriage on ____________________ (date) and / or I did not have any spouse at the time of marriage. 

4. At the time of marriage, I was not in a prohibited relationship with S/o / D/o. ____________________ as per Hindu Marriage Act. 

5. My Religion is Hindu.

6. I am a citizen of India. 



                Verified at ___________ (City name) on ________________ (date) that the content of this affidavit are genuine to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been hide therefrom 



Better to take legal advice to apply for a marriage certificate with less hassle. Attestations from the State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Foreign Diplomats on your marriage certificate are vital to use your document abroad. 
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