How to Get Attestation Services in Kolkata

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Attestation is a process of verifying the authenticity of documents, it is crucial for documentation to prove your legal certificates like a college degree or marriage certificate are authentic to use internationally. Verification of documents is mandatory for purposes such as study, job, business, or residence abroad.

Why Do You Need Document Attestation?

Let us understand the need for document attestation services in Kolkata with an example. For instance, you are preparing to study MBBS course at the world’s top-ranked university in any foreign country. You have your passport ready and cleared your NEET.

But, to process your admission application, you need to submit your educational documents like a school certificate, college degree, XII and X mark sheet, etc. to the university.

Your passport proves your genuineness, but attestation is mandatory to proclaim that your degree or certificates are also bonafide.

How To Get Attestation Services In Kolkata?

Attestation of documents is a lengthy process that includes various steps. This creates confusion among general people. These are the reasons the MEA accepts applications for attestation via its authorized agencies. 

Superb Enterprises in Kolkata is an MEA authorized agency, & we help you in the complete process of attestation from beginning to end to get your documents attested.

To get attestation service in Kolkata, you can approach Superb Enterprises in the following ways.

  • Call on our number to communicate with an expert for a fast and flexible attestation service.  
  • Use the chat button on our website, and the executive will reply to you within a second.
  • Email your queries related to the attestation services.

Types of Documents Requires Attestation

There are three categories of documents that require attestation as per the need of the people who migrate abroad.

  1. Educational documents that include your school certificate, college degree, course certificate/diploma, mark sheets, etc. are necessary documents vital for higher education in a country abroad.
  2. Non-educational or personal documents are your marriage certificate, someone’s death certificate, birth certificate, etc.
  3. Commercial documents are your bill invoices, insurance certificate, import license, letter of credit, authority letter, or any document you need to do business abroad.

How Much Time Attestation Services Take In Kolkata?

Attestation services in Kolkata include a multi-step process. Before getting the final attestation, the document has to pass through the West Bengal State HRD/Home departments. So, the MEA and the embassy of the applicant’s destination country can provide the final attestation.

Generally, the attestation process take ten to fifteen working days. It depends on the type of document, state, and the country you want attestation for your certificates. But, with expert service, you can end the attestation process very easily and swiftly.

What Are the Documents Required for Attestation in Kolkata?

Attestation is done on a clear and readable copy of the certificate. So, try to keep your legal documents in a better position.

The following are the necessary documents required for attestation in Kolkata.

  • Submit original certificate for attestation
  • Civil id copy such as Passport copy or Driving Licence copy
  • For Business documents, Company Covering letter, favor to The Ministry of External Affairs.

What is the Process of Attestation in Kolkata?

There are three types of documents, so the process of attestation of all three is also slightly different and as follows:

Attestation Process for Educational Documents in Kolkata

  1. The first verification is done by the West Bengal State Human Resource Department
  2. Second, the MEA checks the document.
  3. Finally, the Embassy of the country applicant has applied for attest document.

Attestation Process of Personal Documents in Kolkata 

  1. The West Bengal Home Department verify the documents.
  2. The second verification is done by the MEA.
  3. The Embassy of your destination country proves the document is legal with attestation.

Attestation Process of Commercial Documents in Kolkata

  1. The Chamber of Commerce verifies all the commercial documents.
  2. The MEA checks that the document is bonafide for attestation.
  3. The Embassy of the concerned country does the final verification and attestation.

How Can We Assist You With Attestation Services in Kolkata?

  • We are known for providing fast and reliable service, because it’s vital to meet your urgent requirement for attestation.
  • We pick up and drop your documents at your doorstep before and after attestation.
  • We translate your certificates into the country language for attestation.
  • We are 24*7 available for our customers with our attestation services.
  • We believe in customers’ happiness and satisfaction with our services which inspires us to keep doing good work.

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