Importance of Travel Insurance While Travelling Abroad

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Travelling to an international country is a dream that everyone wants to live. Travel is all about exploring work, study, or employment opportunities in a different domestic or international destination. 

But, when it comes to travelling to an international destination, there are some things that we need apart from expensive and stylish clothes. Travel insurance is one of the most important things to travel to a foreign country.

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Travel insurance is a protection that you take for yourself and your family against unplanned medical and non-medical emergencies.

Travel insurance gives you relief from worries about uncertainties during your tour. 

What is the Importance of Travel Insurance?

The most crucial part to get travel insurance is a connection with your destination country and travel duration. Here are the top travel foriegn country that do not allow travellers to enter their borders without travel insurance.  

  1. Oman 
  2. Germany 
  3. Maldives 
  4. Canada
  5. Australia 
  6. Indonesia 
  7. Thailand 
  8. Nepal 
  9. Dubai 
  10. France 
  11. Singapore 
  12. UAE 
  13. Italy
  14. Algeria 
  15. Bangladesh 
  16. Ethiopia 
  17. Taiwan Kuwait 
  18. Nigeria 
  19. Egypt 

What Does Travel Insurance Cover? 

People invest their money in travel insurance according to their destination country and travel duration. Your travel insurance provides you protection and support for the four situations, and they are: 

Four Features

  1. Medical Expense 
  2. Trip Cancellation 
  3. Travel Itinerary 
  4. Automatic extension 

Situation Covers

1. Baggage Covers

  • Delayed Baggage
  • Baggage Lost/Theft/Damage

2. Journey Covers

  • Lost Passport 
  • Assistance While Travelling
  • Personal Liability 
  • Help in Case of Flight Hijack
  • Delayed Flights 
  • Policy Extension 
  • Trip Cancellation 

3. Medical Covers

  • Medical Evacuation 
  • Accidental Death and Repatriation
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Interruption of Study 

Kindly check the terms and conditions prior to investing your hard-earned money to buy travel insurance. 

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover?

The travel insurance you take covers a lot of things depending on the nature of your insurance. On the same side, the facilities that are not a part of your travel insurance depend on various factors, such as the travel insurance company, budget, etc.  

Here are a few of the things that your travel insurance would not cover. 

  • Pre-existing medical condition 
  • Dental treatment 
  • Self-inflicted damage or suicide attempt 
  • Loss or injury due to psychiatric or mental disorders 
  • Medical tourism 
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Adventure sports and activities

What are the Different Types of Travel Insurance?

There are different types of travel insurance depending on your trip type and destination country. On the same side, various types of travel insurance are in the market provided by travel insurance agencies. Be aware and do your research before buying travel insurance. 

Here we have compiled the list of popular travel insurances among people. 

  1. Individual travel insurance 
  2. Corporate travel insurance
  3. Student travel insurance
  4. Group travel insurance
  5. Family travel insurance:
  6. Senior citizen travel insurance
  7. Domestic travel insurance
  8. International travel insurance
  9. Schengen travel insurance
  10. Annual travel insurance
  11. Multi-visit travel insurance 
  12. Single trip travel insurance

What are the Things You Should Consider While Purchasing Travel Insurance? 

The main motive for buying travel insurance is to protect yourself from the expenses of unplanned circumstances. Here are some factors to keep in mind to get all the benefits of travel insurance. 

  • Your Age 
  • Destination 
  • Duration 
  • Type of Travel 
  • Additional Coverages 
  • Total Insurance Amount 
  • Coverage 
  • Claim Settlement Ratio 
  • Affordability 
  • Claim Settlement Procedure 
  • Payment Procedure 
  • Schengen Cover 
  • Reimbursement Scenarios
  • Medical Conditions Coverage 
  • Personal Belonging Limits 

How Can You Low Travel Insurance Premium?

Travel insurance is not a burden but protection that you have to deal with unplanned situations, scenarios, and conditions in a foreign country. The benefits in travel insurance depends on the type of travel insurance you have availed yourself of. Here are some tried and tested methods to lower your travel insurance premium. 

  • Invest your money in travel insurance for a multi-trip.  
  • Buy insurance fifteen to twenty days prior to your trip. 
  • Check different insurance providers and policies. 
  • Invest in group insurance for relatively lower premiums.

What are Add-On Covers in Travel Insurance?

Add-on coverages are optional that you select for yourself as a double shield production of travel insurance for your international trip. But, the add-on you add to your travel insurance will cost a particular amount. In short, the add-on increases the premium of your travel insurance. 

Add-On Covers 

  • Trip delay or trip cancellation
  • Schengen covers the expense for medical emergencies
  • Urgent compassionate visit by a family member
  • Crisis hotel accommodation for a family member or insured 
  • Escort for a minor child

Optional Covers

  • Diagnosed illness coverage
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Maternity and baby cover 
  • Mental illness coverage 

How Long Does Travel Insurance Last?

Generally, travel insurances last for one year, but if you extend your trip, you can renew your travel insurance. 

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Please consult an expert prior to buying travel insurance to understand the risk factors, terms, conditions, and exclusions.