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Working abroad can benefit you in various ways, from getting paid to travel, working on new skills, mastering a second language, personal and professional development, upgrading your existing skills, earning a good income, expanding your network, and immersing yourself in a different environment. Working in a foreign country increases the possibility that you transform yourself and the people connected with you both personally and professionally.

If you talk to an ex-pat in a foreign country, he will inform you that his salary is better than he used to get in his native country. 

Are you planning to apply for a job abroad? Here are the five popular jobs in foreign countries for Indians. 

High in-Demand Jobs in Foreign Countries for Indian Freshers

1. Information Technology in Business Sector

Thousands of blogs are available on search engines about the new technology trends and opportunities in the IT industry for businesses. This era is about how friendly you are with new technology and using technical tools to sell your products or services. 

Thousands of jobs in foreign countries for freshers with MBA programs and technical skills introduced worldwide. Big corporations like Walmart and Apple provide opportunities to individuals with business skills. 

Today’s time is very different from when companies used to give more importance to people with a sack of degrees. There was a belief in the business world that the best candidates for the job were with degrees. 

Now companies pay more attention to the employees who have polished skills suitable for the job the company wants to hire. That is a way to boost the confidence of employees. 

There are plenty of opportunities in geographies or industries looking for people that can add unique value to the business. Brands now introduce international hiring schemes to attract ex-pats. 

If you are friendly with tech and have skills that are useful for business management and awareness, you should explore jobs abroad. 

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Abroad is where companies have plenty of opportunities for data scientists, project managers, marketers, communications, PR, financial services, human resources, sales, or supply chain management. Technical is a hot sector that introduces most jobs in foreign countries for Indian freshers and experts. 

With international recruitment agencies, you can also try your hands in the area of software engineers and developers. They are one of the best careers and sectors for working abroad.  

USA, Canada, Japan, UK,  Switzerland, Germany, and New Zealand are the top seven countries in demand for Indian technical and business professionals to work abroad. 

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2. Digital Nomad

The lockdown in Covid has changed the rules for companies, and employees used to cherish growing and delivering the best. Work from home has explained that if your job is all about working for or on digital platforms, you can perform your appointed tasks with complete honesty, from your home or while traveling. 

Many companies have also learned that they can save office rent, net money, and administration expenses by allowing employees to work from anywhere. 

Digital Nomad is a job title for those who perform the task connected with their profession on the internet while traveling. Professions like journalism, copywriting, graphic design, or art allow you to work from home or travel while working. 

Many foreign companies hire full-time employees and freelancers from the creative fields to work overseas. 

Digital-based companies prefer to invest in employees who no doubt have the skills to use technological tools to grow their business and network. 

With the help of the best consultancy, you can get updates about the jobs in foreign countries for freshers and experts in the digital field. 

Countries that Provide Visas to Digital Nomads are:

  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Bali
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Dubai (UAE)
  • Estonia
  • Georgia 
  • Germany 
  • Iceland
  • Mauritius
  • Mexico
  • Norway 
  • Spain
  • Anguilla (UK Territory)

3. Teach English in Thailand/Italy/Bahrain/Colombia

Now you must be wondering that English is the native language of all foreign countries, so what is the need for them to learn it? So, first, that English is not the native language of every country. In addition, English is a subject in every foreign country, for which they always have the requirements of the best teachers. 

Teaching English is one of the highly in-demand jobs in foreign countries, especially in Thailand. An English teaching career is one of the best ways to explore a foreign country and work that pays real money. It’s also a lifetime opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, learn to enjoy a new culture and work with people of different backgrounds. Teaching Nomad is a high-paid job in China, UAE, Brazil, Poland, Russia, etc. 

4. Au Pair Jobs Abroad 

Au Pair is a job for foreign women between the ages of 18 to 26, most popular in Western European countries like the U.K, France, Austria, Germany, and Italy. An au pair lives with a family in any foreign country as a temporary family member and helps with children in exchange for food, a room to live in, and a salary. 

The advantage of this job is that you can work while studying abroad and live with family in a safe environment. The job duties of an Au Pair are to play with kids, help parents with potty training, perform household tasks related to childcare, cook meals for children, monitor children, and help children in language and reading practice, homework, and drop and pick up children from school. 

Au Pair is one of the best jobs in foreign countries for Indian freshers to study and work together. Apply for an Au Pair job in Australia, Romain, Italy, the USA, or any other foreign country with the best overseas consultant. 

5. Healthcare Jobs 

MBBS is one of the famous medical careers in the healthcare sector that offers security and a high-paid job in any foreign country. It not only gives you an opportunity for clinical exposure but also opens doors across the globe to share your knowledge. Apart from MBBS, Nursing Home Manager, Global Health Consultant, Diagnostic and Laboratory Manager, Epidemiologist, Biomedical Engineer, or Manager are the top jobs in the healthcare sector abroad. 

But, to get the most rewarding healthcare management jobs abroad, you need to be friendly with the technologies in the field. 

Rejuvenate your skills, stay updated with the finding work abroad programs and connect with people and groups that will help you discover high-in-demand jobs in a foreign country for freshers. Take the help of overseas consultants to get your dream job in a foreign country for Indian freshers and experts that offer legal pay and allow you to experience life in a new country. 

With the required skills, qualifications, and experience in your medical field, you can earn well in big countries like the United Kingdom, Israel, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Canada, Denmark, and Australia. Yes, the shortage of healthcare providers with MBBS degrees in these countries have opened up the doors of many opportunities for medical job seekers. 

Barriers and Restrictions To Do Jobs Abroad For Indians

While working abroad provides you with many benefits, it is also vital to understand the problems generally job seekers face in a foreign country and how they deal with them. 

Some barriers to working abroad are easy to break, depending on your destination country. For example, it might be stressful for an Indian to work in Japan or another non-English speaking country. Here are the multitude of challenges you face while working abroad.

1. Language & Cultural Barriers 

Stop being shy and interact with people, talk, and ask them to speak in a slow mode so you can learn the language. To adopt the new culture, participate in local gatherings, socialize, have a small chit-chat with neighbors, make friends and join social groups. 

2. Obtaining a Work Residency Permit

Once you reach your destination, apply for your work residency permit with the help of your employer or visa processing consultancy. It is one of the prerequisites to work hassle-freely in a foreign country. 

3. Reset your Salary Expectations

If you find a good opportunity where you know you will grow professionally, do not miss that chance just for the salary. Because once you get job experience abroad, you empower yourself to create even better opportunities in the future. Reset your salary expectations according to the expenses of living abroad and your targets. 

It often happens that the interviewer offers something and gives something else in real life. So before going abroad, see the fixed amount of salary in your offer letter, and if you have any doubt about your salary, discuss it with your employer once.

4. Finding a Perfect Accommodation 

It is as easy as shelling peas when you know the right person to approach for a budget-friendly place to live abroad. Take the help of your employer or anyone you know in the new country. Avoid settling for the first place you see, do your research, talk to the neighbors, and read the testimonials of the people who lived there. 

Few Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Job Abroad 

  • Time frame – Avoid taking a job on a contract basis to keep yourself safe from limitations. It is also vital for you when you do not want to work in the same company for so long and want to explore other areas of your industry. Furthermore, apply for a job based on how long you want to stay abroad and your purpose for going abroad.
  • Type of work – Finding a job abroad is a task based on your profession.
  • Finances – Calculate your living and other expenses before moving from your native country to abroad. 
  • Document Attestation – Do you know that to use your educational, personal and commercial documents abroad, you need to attest them to the government authorities and embassy? Document Attestation confirms to your employer and the government of your destination country that your certificates are authentic and you are genuine. 
  • Rules and Regulations – Different countries have various rules and regulations for foreign citizens. Read about the legal rules and restrictions for foreign nationals in your destination country. 


Living in a foreign country, working on a decent profile, and creating your world in an unknown world, is not as easy as you read about it in blogs and watch on social platforms. It will be best for you to gain knowledge about the job requirements related to your profession to fulfill your dream of living and earning money outside your country. Apply through the best and most authorized overseas recruitment agency.