Most Common Myths Related To Visas

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Common myths about visas:

Visas are one of the most significant yet complicated aspects of immigration procedure. Lack of awareness regarding this field among travelers has given rise to common misconceptions. People rely on these misapprehensions easily rather than clearing their queries with professionals directly, which eventually affects negatively their visa application. Below I have compiled a list of common misconceptions regarding visas for preventing you from making mistakes in future.

1. Visa application can be processed without proper documentation or authentication

As per the government regulations, no Embassy is authorized to issue a visa without proper or attested documents. Expats are usually under an impression that they can waive off the document requirement by paying extra, which is unlawful and felonious. Attest your documents in Chennai, Hyderabad, or any other city by MEA and Embassy for eliminating visa rejection.

2. Visa denial due to past visa refusal for a particular country

Visa refusal can play a major role in decision making if you are applying for a visa again for a particular country only if the Embassy finds some legitimate reasons. If the visa has been refused due to some manual errors, then you can acquire a visa easily by ameliorating it.

3. US visa is a key to all visas

It’s true that past travel history plays a pivotal role in the visa processing procedure, however, it is nowhere implied that US visa stamping will assist you in processing your visa application for any country. Document requirement is same of any traveler despite his past travel record.

4. Money can get you visa

Financial stability of an expat is always considered while processing his visa request but isn’t the only deciding factor in this process. Different estimated budget limit has been set by various countries which an expat must meet in order to acquire a visa.