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What Is An Apostille?

Apostille is a legitimization stamp important in the Hague Apostille Convention Countries. Apostille verification is the interaction done by the Ministry of External Affairs, which in short is MEA. To that end, this authentication is named MEA Apostille.

What Is MEA Apostille Service?

Attestation means proof of something. Countries perform MEA Apostille service to confirm a legal document’s realness to utilize universally. This evidence is one of the requirements you want to obtain visa application, training from abroad, work, business, and so forth. There are two sorts of archive legitimization, like Embassy Attestation and MEA Apostille.

Embassy Attestation is an old-fashioned approach to prove that a specific report is legitimate and usable in any country. This technique has three types of attestation: State, MEA, and Embassy. 

On the other side, there is the MEA Apostille service, which has two types of attestation: State and the MEA.

The Hague Apostille Convention Intro

The Hague Apostille Convention has been in process since 1961 to abolish the necessity of repeated legitimization of unfamiliar public archives from the Embassy of your destination country. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Fiji, France, Georgia, Japan, Italy, Israel, Ireland, India, Monaco, Netherland, New Zealand, Turkey, USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Oman, and a lot more are the Hague Convention part nations that accept the best Apostille service.

Let us comprehend the Apostille service with an example. The concerned country Embassy ensures an individual and his documents are bonafide or not before giving a legalization certificate. When we opt for MEA Apostille service, the Embassy considered the records checked by MEA sufficient to manifest a document as legal.

However, the MEA Apostille verification is just legitimate in the member nations of the Hague Apostille Convention. China and UAE are not the Hague Apostille Convention member nations, so they confirm documents legalization with the Embassy level of Attestation.

MEA Apostille Service Procedure

Thus, MEA Apostille administrations are crucial for three sorts of records/documents, for example:

Apostille Process for Educational Documents

Educational Documents – mark sheets, BE certificate, MS certificate, MD certificate, HSC certificate, SSC certificate, inter certificate, MBBS certificate, degree certificate, nursing certificate, diploma certificate, etc. 

  1. All educational documents authentications by the state human resource department (HRD).
  2. The MEA checks the educational documents before offering an Apostille stamp on certificate.

Apostille Process for Non-Educational or Personal Documents

Non-Educational or Personal documents- birth certificate, marriage certificate, leaving certificate, offer letter, bonafide certificate, registration certificate, medical certificate, etc.  

  1. Personal documents verification comes under the Home Department.
  2. The MEA Check personal documents after verification then Apostille stamp on certificate.

Apostille Process for Commercial Documents

Commercial Documents are export invoice, power of attorney, certificate of origin, packaging list, chemical analysis report, certificate of incorporation, etc

  1. All Commercial documents are the authentication by Chamber of Commerce department.
  2. The MEA verified and Apostille stamp on commercial documents.

How to Verify Documents for Apostille in India?

Super Enterprises Private Limited, to put it plainly, SEPL is an MEA approved outsourced organization. We run the verification and Apostille services process for applicants. We have been in this field of verification and MEA Apostille for 13+ years. Alongside validation and apostille, our group of specialists works 24*7 to offer smooth and quick types of assistance like;

  • Tracking the archive validation process
  • Document pick and drop facility 
  • Courier service 
  • Data security 

On top of this, we have language translation administrations to provide the best Apostille service. We give MEA Apostille administration in the following cities.

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For the best Apostille service, choose the expert, contact SEPL Group.