What is Employment Certificate & Why is it Required?

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Various organisations request documents and certificates to evaluate your educational and work histories. A certificate of employment, COE, is one of those documents recruiters or employers request from you prior to interviewing you or making a job proposal. 

When you submit your employment certificate to the organisation you want to join, you help the company to understand your work experience and employment status. 

Let’s take a closer look at an employment certificate and why it is required. 

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What is Employment Certificate?

What documents are to be submitted as proof of work? An experience letter or a certificate of employment. Both of them are evidence of your work experience in your current or past companies. It proves that you have worked for this employee or the company.

An employment certificate must include the employer’s name and contact details, your employment duration, and other vital information related to your employment status. 

This certificate generally contains three legal content:

  1. The information of your current or previous employer who issued the certificate of employment.
  2. The job description, duties, and responsibilities. 
  3. The functions you have performed in the company within this period.

Why do You Need an Employment Certificate?

Here are some reasons to apply for a certificate of employment from employers.  

1. Join a New Organisation

A certificate of employment confirms to the employer the applicant’s previous work experience. This primary evidence provides the employer with the certainty that the applicant has experience in a specific field. 

2. Financial Applications

Certain banks ask for your employment certificate prior to issuing a credit card or loan in your name. This certificate is a type of confirmation to the bank that the certificate holder is getting this much salary and capable of paying the instalments of the credit card or loan.  

Employees must include their salary in the certificate to prove to the bank that they are eligible to apply for a credit card or loan. 

3. To Apply for an Employment Visa 

Certain foreign companies and countries request from the applicant for his employment certificate to issue him an employment visa.

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4. Renting a House or Apartment 

Just like a bank has asked you for your employment certificate, to be assured that you are employed and have a fixed income for paying back the bank loan. 

The owner of the house or apartment might ask for your certificate of employment to ensure you have a job to make monthly payments.

How to Apply for an Employment Certificate? 

You can contact your employer for the employment certificate. Here are some points to keep in mind to apply for it professionally and formally. 

1. Contact the right person in the right department who handles the work related to the employment joining and resignation. In certain companies, an employee meeting, termination, and resignation kind of soft work directly comes under the supervisor, office manager, or accountant. 

However, generally, these concerns are fulfilled by the human resources department. Contact the right concerned person for the employment certificate on short notice.

2. Follow the professional procedure of your company to apply for an employment certificate. Take help from the expert to understand the formal method to request it. In large organizations, requests to get this certificate accomplished via the employment management system or email. 

3. Mention the details you want your employer to include in your employment certificate in your request mail. Here are the details you can request your employer add to your certificate of employment. 

  • Your full name
  • Your contact details, such as phone number, email address, and residential address
  • Your employment title
  • Your identity card number
  • Your company name 
  • Company contact details, such as phone number and commercial address
  • Full name of the employer who issued your certificate of employment
  • Your current employment status
  • Your employment contract with the company
  • Your job details and roles 
  • Your salary 

4. You must add the recipient’s contact details or mailing address to your employment certificate. Request your employer to add the following points to your certificate. 

  • Company name 
  • Reason to issue a certificate 
  • Employer phone number, email address, and commercial address 

This task is vital for accomplishing when you need to submit your employment certificate to a foreign company for employment. 

5. Give your employer sufficient time to prepare your employment certificate. Request your employer to bother you if he needs your help in the preparation of your certificate. 

Sample of an Employment Certificate Request Letter

Here is the example request letter for an employer to prepare your certificate. 

Dear (Employer Name)

This is a request mail for an employment certificate for the (Include the Reason you need the certificate). Request the employer to add the following details to your certificate 

full name

job title

employer’s name and address

date and duration of your employment with this company

Mention the address of the recipient 

Thanks to your employer in advance for his help and guidance.

Best regards,

Your Name 

Your Designation 

Company Name 

Sample of Employment Certificate Request Letter for Immigration Department 

Dear (Include the Name of the Recipient),

This is the request letter to issue an employment certificate in my name to place a request to the Immigration Department to extend my employment visa. 

The Immigration Department follows a procedure to increase my employment visa validity that includes the requirement to get information on my employment details like my full name, occupation, the name and address of the employer, company joining date, and employment duration with the current company.

I request you to please send this letter on my behalf to the Immigration Department (Include the name of the country where you are living). 

Add Address of the Immigration Department 

Thanks to the recipient in advance for the help and guidance.

Best regards,

Add your name


Company name 

Sample of Employment Certificate for Current Employee 

Employer Name


Company name 

Company Address

Today’s Date 

Mention the name and address of the recipient 

Dear (Mention the name of the recipient)

This letter confirms that (Your Name) is a regular employee of (Company Name). (Your Name) has been working in the company since (Date, Month and Year).

I request you to kindly contact me at (Add your employer no) or reach me via email at (Employer Gmail address) for any information about (Your Name). 

Best regards,

Employer Name 

Company Name 

Do I need an Attestation for an Employment Certificate?

Attestation is a legal procedure to follow for educational, commercial, and personal document authentication. Attestation is the verification of your legal documents necessary for their use in a foreign country. 

An employment certificate is one of the crucial papers you need abroad to apply for a job after studying or exploring employment opportunities in any sector. 

There are some rules and regulations for expats to follow to travel to foreign countries. A passport and visa are mandatory to fly to a foreign country, in the same way, an attestation on your legal documents is compulsory to earn, study, apply for a residential visa, marry a foreign citizen, buy a property, or start a business abroad. 

An employment certificate attestation confirms it is authentic and verified by the document issued by the country and the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Attestation on your employment certificate demonstrates to your employer abroad that you are genuine and have experience in your field.