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Does Apostille Come With An Expiry Date?

Apostille Documents Expiry Date

A common question that usually arises among people seeking to Apostille their documents is whether or not an Apostille can expire. The answer is no, as long as the provided document is a public document, it can be apostilled and can’t be rejected solely on the grounds of its age. However, this does not prevent the foreign authorities from rejecting the underlying certificate on the basis of their domestic laws because of its age. Certain public documents are stated to be valid for a limited period of time, e.g., Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), provisional court orders, and travel documents. The validity of these documents will be determined as per the rules and regulations set up by the country of origin or country accepting the documents. Hence, after the expiration of these certificates, the apostille also holds no value.

The concept of Apostille was originated in the Hague Convention on 5 October 1961, with an intent to facilitate the worldwide circulation of foreign public documents. The Convention originally did not place any limitations on the effect of an Apostille, and therefore, it is in effect as long as it is identifiable. As per the Section 6 of the Convention, an Apostille comes with a date of issuance. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs issue apostille stamps for all personal, educational, and commercial certificates.

The significance of Apostille makes it a daunting and complicated task. Nevertheless, you can find numerous professional agents rendering document Apostille service in India.

Mandatory Documents to Carry While Moving Overseas

Lists of document carrying while moving overseas:

Managing the logistics in an organized way can literally make or break your international trip. There is nothing more daunting and worse than arriving in a new country without having your necessary attested documents. In order to make your transition smooth and to overcome unwanted emergencies, you must have all your important documents with you. Below I have provided a list of documents which you must carry with you to a foreign country.

1. Educational certificates

Your potential employer will entreat you to provide your authenticated educational certificates for substantiating whether you have the correct qualifications for the job. This can be Apostille Degree certificate, matriculation certificate, or an alternative diploma certificate. Although, you have to make sure that these certificates are attested or apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs for acquiring legal validity abroad.

2. Current Medical Reports

Numerous countries like UAE, Netherlands, US, Germany, and France requires an expatriate to submit his/ her updated medical report for confirming that he/she is not suffering from any infectious disease. This can be an extensive medical report or a simple letter from a certified doctor, depending upon the regulations of the country. You can further confirm with the Embassy of that particular country regarding how detailed the report has to be.

3. Good Conduct Certificate

A legalized Good Conduct Certificate/ Police Clearance Certificate/ Criminal Record Check is usually requested by all the foreign countries to inspect whether the expat has any past criminal records. A criminal background check is often required for employment visa and residence visa.

4. Personal Certificates

In addition to providing evidence for your identity, you ought to submit authenticated personal certificates like apostille birth certificate. For apostille and attestation, you can hire a professional agency having expertise in this field.

Besides these certificates you may require other documents as well. Make sure to contact the respective Embassies for being updated regarding the documentation requirements.