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UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE embassy attestation is crucial for foreigners to use their educational, personal, and commercial documents in the UAE.

Attestation is a service taken by an individual planning to study, work, or do business in the UAE. Attestation confirms that a particular document of an individual is original and authentic.

Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd (SEPL) is a pre-eminent company that delivers timely, affordable, and genuine UAE attestation services in India. We have been authorised by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India and the Embassy of UAE to collect, process, and deliver documents for attestation from the UAE Embassy.

We have more than twelve years of experience in certificate attestation from the UAE embassy. We also provide professional document translation services in Arabic. We process all Indian-issued documents for attestation from the UAE embassy.

We provide quick and hassle-free services for educational, personal, and commercial certificate attestation from the UAE embassy in India.

Below is a brief synopsis of the need and procedure of document attestation for UAE.

Need for UAE Embassy Attestation

There are three types of documents for use in the UAE - Educational, Personal and Commercial. UAE attestation is a procedure of getting a stamp or signature on a document by the authorised department. It is necessary for an education, family, and employment visa in the UAE.

Here are some common reasons to avail of UAE embassy attestation services.

Educational Certificates Attestation Need

  • Work visa
  • Work permit
  • Study visa
  • For MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations

Personal Certificates Attestation Need

  • Resident visa
  • Family visa
  • Spouse visa
  • Marriage
  • Child admission

Commercial Documents Attestation Need

  • Export and import
  • Business
  • The removal of the LLC partnership
  • Open a bank account
  • Company registration

Contact now for fast and secure services for UAE embassy attestation for all types of documents.

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Documents Required for UAE Embassy Attestation

Kindly submit the following documents to the team of SEPL to avail of our best administrative services for educational, personal, and commercial documents.

  • Original document/certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Authorization letter (If Required)

Visit our office to submit your documents for attestation. You can also courier your documents for embassy attestation services.

UAE Embassy Attestation Procedure

The procedure of attestation from the UAE embassy depends upon the type of documents. Below is the brief of all the government authorities involved in the certificate attestation procedure for the UAE embassy.

Procedure for Educational Documents

UAE Educational Document Attestation

Step 1- HRD Attestation

The State Human Resource Development (HRD) department is concerned with all the educational institutions in that particular state. The State Human Resource Development of the state from where an individual's certificate was issued will verify the document and confirm it is authentic with HRD attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

After the State HRD attestation, the MEA places its MEA attestation stamp on educational documents.

Step 3 - UAE Embassy Attestation

The last attestation on educational documents is provided by the UAE embassy in India.

Procedure for Personal Documents

UAE Personal Document Attestation

Step 1 - Home Department Attestation

The State Home Department is responsible for the authentication of personal documents. The State Home Department verifies the personal document and confirms it is bonafide with home attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

After the State Home Department attestation, the MEA places its MEA attestation stamp on personal documents.

Step 3 - UAE Embassy Attestation

The last attestation on personal documents is provided by the UAE embassy in India.

Procedure for Commercial Documents

UAE Commercial Document Attestation

Step 1 - Chamber of Commerce Attestation

The Chamber of commerce is the department set up by the Govt of India to handle matters related to business documents. The Chamber of Commerce in India verifies and confirms the authenticity of all commercial documents with attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

After the Chamber of Commerce attestation, the MEA places its MEA attestation stamp on commercial documents.

Step 3 - UAE Embassy Attestation

The last attestation on commercial documents is provided by the UAE embassy in India.

Popular Certificates Attested for UAE

Here are the most common documents attested by the UAE embassy.

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  • Educational Documents Attestation
  • images/arrow1Degree Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1PG Degree Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1Pre Degree Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1Diploma Certificate (affiliated with UGC) Attestation
  • images/arrow1Nursing Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1HSC Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1MBBS Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1Engineering Certificate (affiliated with UGC) Attestation
  • images/arrow1Pharmacy Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1B.Ed Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1MS Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1MD Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1B Tech. Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1Mark sheet Attestation
  • images/arrow1SSC Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1Inter Certificate Attestation
  • images/arrow1Provisional certificate Attestation
  • Non-Educational Documents Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Leaving Certificate Attestation
  • Police Clearance Attestation
  • Registration Certificate Attestation
  • Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Affidavit Certificate Attestation
  • Bona-fide Certificate Attestation
  • Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Affidavit Attestation
  • Single status certificate Attestation
  • SLC Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Commercial Documents Attestation
  • Export Invoice Attestation
  • Packaging list Attestation
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Certificate of Origin Attestation
  • Certificate of incorporation Attestation
  • Chemical analysis report Attestation
  • Physical analysis report Attestation
  • Memorandum of Article and Association Attestation
  • Food product test report Attestation
  • Price List Attestation
  • Analysis Certificate Attestation
  • Product List Attestation
  • GMP Certificate Attestation
  • Manufacturing Licence Attestation
  • Health Certificate Attestation
  • Registration Certificate Attestation
  • Agreement Attestation
  • Form 26 for Tax Attestation
  • Free Sale Certificate Attestation

What Help SEPL Provide

Attestation is document legalisation processes to verify the document's originality. The team of SEPL is highly professional and dedicated to providing customer-oriented services.

SEPL provides the following services and facilities to its customers.

Fast & Secure Services

We follow a systematic procedure to collect, submit, and deliver documents from the applicant before and after UAE embassy attestation.

Document Translation Service

The UAE embassy accepts foreign documents in its native language. We provide professional translation services to create a translation copy of your documents into the native language of UAE.

Document Tracking Service

We provide our customers with a reference number to track the status of their documents.

Service Availability All Over India

We have offices in all important cities in India to provide our customers with fast and reliable services.

Customer Convenience

We believe in customer-oriented services. We meet the urgent requirements of our customers that keep our customers coming back to us for embassy attestation for all documents.

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  • You can courier your documents to our office for embassy attestation service.

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