Certificate Attestation Services for UAE

Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd is a pre-eminent company for delivering timely, affordable and genuine UAE attestation services in India. We have been authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs of India and embassy of UAE to collect, process and deliver documents for attestation from UAE Embassy. We have more than twelve years of experience in providing certificate attestation from UAE embassy. We also provide document translation services in Arabic. We process all Indian issued documents for attestation from UAE embassy.

We provide UAE embassy attestation services in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kochi, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Guwahati, Goa, Jalandhar and Chandigarh. we also provide attestation services from UAE embassy in Dubai.

Travellers to UAE will feel pleased to know that we offer UAE tourist visa services. To facilitate this service, we are associated with M/S Dnata International.

We provide complete packages for educational, personal and commercial certificates attestation from UAE embassy in India. Below is the brief synopsis about the need and procedure of document attestation for UAE.

What is the need of UAE attestation?

UAE embassy attestation is a procedure of getting stamp or signature on a document by the authorized department. It is usually required for obtaining education, family and employment visa of UAE. Certificate attestation for UAE is required to prove its authenticity for use in the UAE.

UAE Embassy attestation Procedure:

The procedure of attestation from UAE embassy is depends upon the type of documents. There are different government authorities responsible for attestation of educational, personal and commercial documents. Below is the flow chart of all the government authorities involved in the procedure of certificate attestation from UAE Embassy.

UAE Embassy Attestation Procedure

Role of HRD in Degree Attestation for UAE

The Human Resource Development (HRD) in a state is the department concerned with all the educational institutions in that particular state. For acquiring UAE embassy attestation, you have to first authenticate your educational certificates from the Human Resource Development of the state from where it was issued. The HRD will verify the document by putting the seal and signature.

Role of Home Department in Certificate Attestation for UAE

The Home Department in a state is responsible for the authentication of personal documents. For getting personal certificate attestation from UAE embassy, first you have to validate your documents from the State Home Department from where these have been issued.

Role of Chamber of Commerce in Certificate Attestation for UAE

Chamber of commerce is the department set up by the Govt of India to handle matters related to business documents. You have to get your commercial documents corroborated from the Chamber of Commerce in India.

Role of MEA in Document Attestation for UAE

Ministry of External Affairs of India verifies the authenticity of all educational, commercial and personal certificates in India. MEA attestation is mandatory before UAE Embassy / consulate attestation.

The final step UAE Embassy attestation

The UAE Embassy performs the final step of attestation. This consists of two parts. First, the UAE Embassy in New Delhi attests the certificates followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation in the UAE.

UAE Embassy Attestation Fees

Types of Documents Fee (UAE DIRHAM)
Educational Documents 156.06
Personal Documents 156.06
Commercial Documents 2043.06


  • The UAE Embassy fees is the sole prerogative of UAE embassy and Superb Enterprises have not any influence on it.
  • SEPL will levy a service charge of Rs 500 per document from agents and Rs 1000 from individual clients.
  • The service charge may vary if additional services are taken by a client or agent. Additional service tax will charged as per rules of government of India.
  • Service charge for GAMCA medical attestation is Rs 300.
  • The visa processing charge is Rs 300.

For any assistance regarding attestation of documents from UAE embassy, please call on our customer care no. +91-8527270999

Degree Attestation

Degree Attestation is one of the oldest and popular document legalization processes in the world to verify the document's originality. In the Degree Attestation process, you have to get the document attestation from the State Home Department, after that the document is attestation from the Ministery of External Affairs. The following authorized documents are acceptable to the members of the Hague Convention. To get the Degree Attestation there is a certain document that must be required including the Original Degree Certificate and Passport photocopy (1st, last, and passport officer signed page) of the document.

Types of Certificate Attested for UAE:

Educational Documents
images/arrow1Degree Certificate
images/arrow1PG Degree Certificate
images/arrow1Pre Degree Certificate
images/arrow1Diploma Certificate
        (affiliated to UGC)
images/arrow1Nursing Certificate
images/arrow1HSC Certificate
images/arrow1MBBS Certificate
images/arrow1Engineering Certificate
       (affiliated to UGC)
images/arrow1Pharmacy Certificate
images/arrow1B.Ed Certificate
images/arrow1MS Certificate
images/arrow1MD Certificate
images/arrow1B Tech. Certificate
images/arrow1Mark sheet
images/arrow1SSC Certificate
images/arrow1Inter Certificate
images/arrow1Provisional certificate
Non-Educational Documents
images/arrow1Marriage Certificate
images/arrow1Birth Certificate
images/arrow1Leaving Certificate
images/arrow1Police Clearance
images/arrow1Registration Certificate
images/arrow1Power of Attorney Certificate
images/arrow1Marriage Affidavit Certificate
images/arrow1Bona-fide Certificate
images/arrow1Medical Certificate
images/arrow1Single status certificate
images/arrow1SLC Certificate
images/arrow1Divorce Certificate
Commercial Documents
images/arrow1Export Invoice
images/arrow1Packaging list
images/arrow1Power of Attorney
images/arrow1Certificate of Origin
images/arrow1Certificate of incorporation
images/arrow1Chemical analysis report
images/arrow1Physical analysis report
images/arrow1Memorandum of Article
       and Association
images/arrow1Food product test report
images/arrow1Price List
images/arrow1Analysis Certificate
images/arrow1Product List
images/arrow1GMP Certificate
images/arrow1Manufacturing License
images/arrow1Health Certificate
images/arrow1Registration Certificate
images/arrow1Form 26 for Tax
images/arrow1Free Sale Certificate

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