Commercial Certificate Attestation – For the Ease of Your Business Overseas

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Commercial Certificate Attestation:

Have you ever been asked to attest your commercial certificates from a Chamber of Commerce preceding your travel abroad? If no, then you must be wondering about what this chamber is and why chamber legalization is required. Prior to discussing the importance of Chamber of commerce attestation, let’s first understand what these chambers of commerce are. A chamber of commerce is a voluntary organization encompasses entrepreneurs, companies, business people, and civic leaders, whose aim is to stimulate, safeguard, and represent the interest of all types of industries.

We all knew how much significant a visa is for seeking entry into a foreign country and role played by attestation in acquiring one. Commercial certificate attestation is required while setting up business overseas or while visiting abroad for business purpose or while introducing a new product/ service abroad. Scrutinization from the Chamber of Commerce verifies the authenticity of commercial documents. Commercial certificate such as Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Packaging List, and Bill of Lading are rectified and certified by the Chamber of Commerce for gaining legalization in a foreign land. The Chamber of Commerce authentication certifies that the provided document is accurate and is comprised of true information. Afterwards, the documents are proceeded for the MEA and embassy attestation.

The country requesting the attestation may have certain preference regarding the attestation of your certificates. If you are unsure of the procedure or the legal formalities, then you can instead hire a service provider. Avoid engaging in misleading advises or amateurs, instead search for outsourced and experienced agencies.