Why Does The Need For Certificate Apostille Originated?

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Need of certificate apostille

At a certain point in life, many people will come across the need of legalizing their certificates from the governmental authorities. This act of validation is indispensable for evidentiary purposes and is required while applying for a visa, seeking employment overseas, or while taking admission in foreign school/ university abroad. Some countries seek attestation of certificates while other requires certificate apostille. You must be familiar with the term “Certificate Apostille” but have you ever wondered why the demand for the certificate apostille originated?

The Convention of October 5, 1961 titled “Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents” was focused on simplifying the complicated government document scrutinization procedure in order to use public documents outside the country of their origin. Previously, certificate attestation was the only known and authorized method for identifying the authenticity of a foreign document, but the same was not eligible to be used for another country. This whole time-consuming and costly procedure comprised of chain authentications. Therefore, the Convention unanimously decided to reduce all the formalities of the document legalization process and generated a simple procedure called “Apostille.” Currently, one can easily avail the certificate apostille service in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and other major cities of India.

Despite being an expeditious and time-saving procedure, some countries do not accept the practice of certificate Apostille and still follows the traditional legalization procedure. Presently 115 countries are the members of this Apostille Convention and India became the member of this convention on July 14, 2005. Now acquire the services for certificate apostille in Chennai and other major cities of India.