How to Get a UK Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE?

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The United Arab Emirates, UAE, is the home of immigrants from all over the world. But why are there so many expats in the UAE?

The UAE provides a liberal atmosphere to its people that attracts many global expatriates.

The UAE is where British expats get many new job opportunities, a tax-free salary, and a dream lifestyle. Expats find living in the UAE is better. 

If you are a UK citizen and interested in education or employment in the UAE, you need to go through the process of a UK degree certificate attestation for the UAE. 

How to Get a UK Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Attestation is a legal process that contains many complex and lengthy steps. These steps are very hard for an individual without the guidance and supervision of professionals of attestation services. 

The government officials who provide attestation to proclaim the authenticity of your documents have authorized Superb Enterprises to fulfill your UAE embassy attestation requirements. 

The agency performs the verification process from their side before forwarding your degree certificate for the UAE embassy attestation. This action is vital to prevent the obstacles that can delay the process of attestation for a UK degree. 

Procedure for UK Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Here is the detailed procedure for UK degree attestation from UAE Embassy.

Obtaining Solicitor Certification

It is essential to prevent any chances of the degree being dismissed as a fake certificate. 

Apostille Stamp from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 

An Apostille stamp on a certificate is legally issued by the respective state. Apostille on your document makes it authentic for UAE embassy attestation.

UAE Embassy Legalization from the UK

In this step, we use our good network to forward your certificate to the UAE embassy in London for your degree legalization.

Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE

Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE is essential for your degree certificate to establish its credibility. 

Translation of Your Degree Certificate

In certain circumstances, you require document translation services. UAE is one of the countries that accept foreign documents in Arabic. 

We can also help you to translate your document content into Arabic. We are a recognized certified translator that completes everything to make it accepted in the UAE.

By now, you get an idea of why you need a professional attestation service provider for a UK degree certificate attestation for the UAE. 

Superb Enterprises has the expertise and experience to make attestation tasks easy for their customers. We handle the entire process of UK degree attestation for the UAE to match the requirements of our customers. 

What are the Documents Required for Attestation of the Degree Certificate?

Documents needed for UK degree certificate attestation for UAE are;

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter
  • Degree Copy
  • Original mark sheet (All Years)

Why is Degree Certificate Attestation Needed?

Top reasons why a degree certificate attestation is required for a UAE

  • Attestation for UAE proclaims the credibility of your UK degree. It also defines that your degree is from credible sources and holds value.
  • A degree certificate holds an attestation stamp from the UAE embassy, and MOFA helps you accept a position or employment status in the country.
  • An attested degree certificate is essential for education in UAE and obtaining facilities offered by the government or corporate entities.
  • An attested document is recognized both at the local and international levels.

How Much Does it Cost for UAE Attestation?

The attestation cost depends on the following departments that run the authentication process. 

  • Solicitor Certification in the UK
  • FCO Apostille Legalization in the UK 
  • UAE Embassy Attestation in the UK
  • MOFA Attestation in the UAE
  • Translation from English to Arabic (If Required)

How Many Days Will Take for a UK Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE?

The procedure for certificate attestation in the UAE takes around eight to ten working days to complete. However, there can be delays in the process due to unforeseen reasons.

Contact us for any information regarding UK degree certificate attestation for UAE.