5 Things You Must Know To Get Commercial Document Apostille!

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Commercial Documents Apostille Complte Details

Do you need Commercial Document Apostille? Not sure, what is it? Why is it required? Don’t worry! Here we provided the essential solutions through which you can save your time to obtain Apostille for your commercial documents.

1. What is Commercial Document Apostille?

Firstly, you must know about Commercial Document Apostille. It is an authentication and legalization process needed to legalize the usage of commercial documents expected to use in Hague Convention Countries. An Apostille stamp is a computerized sticker procured by the Ministry of External Affairs. However, the Apostille stamp contains a unique identification number. Through the unique ID number, the Apostille countries can confirm the authenticity and genuineness of the document.

2. Why is Apostille Commercial Document required?

Another question that arises is that why do we need Apostille Commercial Document? Apostille is a legalization process needed to authorize the usage of documents in Hague Convention countries. Besides Apostille, there is no need for further legalization, such as Embassy Attestation. The Commercial documents can be needed in Hague Convention countries for residence visas and business purposes.

3. What is the Procedure of Commercial Document Apostille?

The Commercial Documents Apostille procedure involves authentication and legalization steps. You need to get authorization from all the concerned authorities. Still, confused? Check the process of Apostille in detail from below:

  • First, the Chamber of Commerce authenticate the documents,
  • After that, certificates get the MEA Apostille. The Ministry of External Affairs legalizes the document by procuring required signs and seals.

4. Which Commercial Documents need Apostille?

The requirement of documents depends on the purpose of your document usage in the Hague Convention country. However, some of the common Commercial documents require to use internationally are:

  1. Certificate of origin
  2. Power of attorney
  3. Certificate of incorporation
  4. Invoices
  5. Physical/chemical analysis reports of products
  6. Packaging list
  7. Special certificates
  8. Memorandum of association
5. How To Get Genuine Commercial Certificate Apostille Services? 

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