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Notary Legalization: Preliminary Step of Certificate Attestation

Notary legalization:

A notary public is a government official appointed by the Central or State government, who can administer affirmations, witness signatures, undertake declarations, and certify/ authenticate public documents. Notary services are required prior to the certificate attestation on all documents in order to prove their authenticity and genuineness. Afterwards, they are proceeded to the concerned governmental departments for accomplishing the attestation procedure. The prices charged by the notary public for certificate legalization may vary depending upon the states.

Certificate attestation is an indispensable act that cannot be undermined at any cost if traveling abroad. Apart from authenticating your certificates in a foreign country, attestation is also required for processing the visa application. Since attestation is imperative, the services for document attestation including Degree certificate attestation for the UAE are easily available. Notarization and certificate attestation may seem alike, but they are two different yet mandatory steps required completion for making your certificates legally valid abroad.

Upon receiving the document, the Notary Public will place his signature and the official seal on the document for providing the evidentiary value to the certificate. Lack of notary stamp on certificate results in incomplete Home Department, Chamber of Commerce, and HRD attestation procedure. Notary authentication plays a prominent role in the attestation procedure, and Notary services can be easily availed in India at nominal prices.

Why Does The Need For Certificate Apostille Originated?

Need of certificate apostille:

At a certain point in life, many people will come across the need of legalizing their certificates from the governmental authorities. This act of validation is indispensable for evidentiary purposes and is required while applying for a visa, seeking employment overseas, or while taking admission in foreign school/ university abroad. Some countries seek attestation of certificates while other requires certificate apostille. You must be familiar with the term “Certificate Apostille” but have you ever wondered why the demand for the certificate apostille originated?

The Convention of October 5, 1961 titled “Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents” was focused on simplifying the complicated government document scrutinization procedure in order to use public documents outside the country of their origin. Previously, certificate attestation was the only known and authorized method for identifying the authenticity of a foreign document, but the same was not eligible to be used for another country. This whole time-consuming and costly procedure comprised of chain authentications. Therefore, the Convention unanimously decided to reduce all the formalities of the document legalization process and generated a simple procedure called “Apostille.” Currently, one can easily avail the certificate apostille service in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and other major cities of India.

Despite being an expeditious and time-saving procedure, some countries do not accept the practice of certificate Apostille and still follows the traditional legalization procedure. Presently 115 countries are the members of this Apostille Convention and India became the member of this convention on July 14, 2005. Now acquire the services for certificate apostille in Chennai and other major cities of India.

MEA Attestation: Why It Is Requisite On Indian Documents

Need of MEA attestation:

Are you planning to move abroad? If yes, then congrats! Waiting ahead of you is an exciting and thrilling life of an expat. Prior to your departure, there are some legal formalities that you are required to fulfill in order to make your departure smooth and hassle-free. Certificate attestation is a document legalization procedure that cannot be disregarded at any cost. Attestation not only helps in easy approval of your certificates abroad, but it also helps in acquiring the visa. Document attestation kind of work as a green signal for moving abroad.

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, is the sole dominant authority of India attesting all Indian originated educational, personal, and commercial certificates in India. Attestation of certificates from MEA is requisite in all Indian originated certificates. Although the whole attestation procedure might seems straightforward at first, there are chances you might find it difficult to accomplish. Attestation of certificates allows the foreign authorities to affirm the authenticity of outside certificates, which makes attestation indispensable in the present migration system.

There are several professional agents rendering MEA attestation service in Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and other Indian cities. Prior to hiring an agent compare the services of few service providers. Their expertise will convert this daunting procedure into a seamless experience for you. Experience in this field ensures that the process is completed efficiently without any delay or errors.

Birth Certificate Attestation: Prove Authenticity of Your Document Abroad

Need of birth certificate attestation:

Foreign countries have always been the top priorities of the Indian professionals for education and employment purpose. The rapid industrial and economic growth, lucrative salaries, and better lifestyle have always lured the earning population of India. Besides an opportunity, the other requirement for entering within the international boundaries is attestation. Attestation indicates the genuineness of your certificates abroad since they are thoroughly verified by the authorized person/ authority.

An attested birth certificate is one of the prominent documents required overseas while applying for a job or for the educational purpose. A tedious and time-consuming procedure comprised of a lot of legal formalities must be striking to your mind after hearing the word “attestation.” Despite being a tiring procedure, attestation of the birth certificate is indispensable and cannot be disregarded at any cost. There are numerous professional agencies rendering certificate attestation for UAE and other countries at nominal prices.

Birth certificate attestation is accomplished for various reasons abroad, for instance, taking admission in school/ university, or applying for a new job. A birth certificate is an official document affirming the birth and date of birth of an individual. Due to its vital importance, the demand for certificate attestation has been increased rapidly, hence one can easily avail the services for certificate attestation in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and other major Indian cities.

Seeking Professional Assistance For Certificate Attestation

Professional assistance for document attestation:

Moving abroad brings a lot of workload with it, and among that work the indispensable is certificate attestation. Just like any other requirement, certificate attestation is mandatory for every individual expatriate moving overseas. Despite being a daunting and time-consuming procedure, some people prefer doing it by themselves while other seek professional assistance. In spite of knowing the procedure and its importance, many potential expats wonder whether or not to hand over their essential certificates to an anonymous agency. The important question here is, why to hire a professional if you too can attest your certificates.

Certificate attestation is a government scrutinization procedure and requires thorough rectification from the responsible authorities. The attestation procedure varies depending upon the type of the document which makes it much more complicated and tiresome. Now you can make this whole process convenient and feasible for you with experienced experts. Their years of experience and expertise in this field make this complete procedure much more express and assured. Forget about running from one office to another and then wait in long queues in order to attest your certificates. Make sure that you must check for the credibility and past record of the company before assigning them this task. The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has outsourced its attestation work to some companies, and hence you can simply check whether your agent is authorized or not. One can easily avail the service for certificate attestation in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and other cities of India.

Over the past few years, the demand for certificate attestation for UAE and other countries has been increased, which has also triggered the number of attestation agents. Hence, choose your attestation agent wisely to avail authentic and genuine service.