Notary Legalization: Preliminary Step of Certificate Attestation

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Notary legalization

A notary public is a government official appointed by the Central or State government, who can administer affirmations, witness signatures, undertake declarations, and certify/ authenticate public documents. Notary services are required prior to the certificate attestation on all documents in order to prove their authenticity and genuineness. Afterwards, they are proceeded to the concerned governmental departments for accomplishing the attestation procedure. The prices charged by the notary public for certificate legalization may vary depending upon the states.

Certificate attestation is an indispensable act that cannot be undermined at any cost if traveling abroad. Apart from authenticating your certificates in a foreign country, attestation is also required for processing the visa application. Since attestation is imperative, the services for document attestation including Degree certificate attestation for the UAE are easily available. Notarization and certificate attestation may seem alike, but they are two different yet mandatory steps required completion for making your certificates legally valid abroad.

Upon receiving the document, the Notary Public will place his signature and the official seal on the document for providing the evidentiary value to the certificate. Lack of notary stamp on certificate results in incomplete Home Department, Chamber of Commerce, and HRD attestation procedure. Notary authentication plays a prominent role in the attestation procedure, and Notary services can be easily availed in India at nominal prices.