Popular Egypt Visa for Indians : Requirements, Costs, & Processing Time

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Egypt is one of the famous countries people love to explore for its culture, tradition, employment and business opportunities. A visa is a permit or licence issued in the name of those the Egypt embassy finds eligible to work, travel, study, and do business in Egypt. 

Egypt is a Middle Eastern Country with the most impressive tourist attractions. The Valley of the Kings and the Great Pyramid of Giza are some famous places to visit in Egypt.

Every year numerous Christian and Muslim religious followers visit Egypt on their Holy Land Tour. Apart from attracting tourists, Egypt is also a hot place for people who always look for better business opportunities.

In this blog, we have shared everything an Indian must be aware of prior to applying for an Egypt visa.  

The type of visa, visa processing, duration to stay in Egypt, visa fee, and document requirements depend on the following factors. 

  1. Purpose of your visit
  2. Your nationality 
  3. Need for a single-entry visa or multiple entries.

Types of Egypt Visa for Indians 

Every year SEPL processes lakhs of Egypt visas. Here are the most famous types of Egypt visas among Indians. 

  1. Egypt Tourist Visa
  2. Egypt Business Visa 
  3. Egypt Employment Visa 

Visa consultants provide accurate guidance to help you compile the required documents to process your visa application. SEPL has been providing visa stamping and visa processing services for many years. 

Here we have compiled the list of the documents we need from your side to process your visa swiftly and securely

Documents Required for a Egypt Employment Visa

  • We need your valid passport that has six months of validity. 
  • The visa consultant of SEPL will ask you to fill out and sign your visa application form. 
  • Kindly share your passport size colour Photograph (35X45 with white background). 
  • A covering letter on company letterhead must state your name, designation, purpose, and duration of the visit.
  • We need two copies of your work approval letter from the Ministry of Interiors, located in the Capital of Egypt, Cairo, one for the Embassy and one for us.
  • Foreign Exchange endorsement/ Copy of Credit cards/ Income Tax Papers. (If Applicable)
  • Your one-way confirmed flight ticket.
  • We need your last six months’ original Bank Statements with Bank Seal and updated original Bank Passbook with a minimum balance of Rs 1 Lakh to process your visa application for Egypt

Documents Required for a Egypt Tourist Visa

  • Your valid passport with at least six months of validity
  • Visa application form duly filled and signed by you.
  • 2 Photographs
  • Covering Letter
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Day-wise Itinerary 
  • Confirmed air tickets 
  • Original Bank Statements with Bank Seal or updated Bank Passbook with a minimum balance of Rs 1 Lakh.

Documents Required for a Egypt Business Visa

  • Valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of your travel
  • Your visa application form 
  • Your two photographs 
  • A covering letter
  • Your confirmed flight tickets 
  • Scanned copy of your invitation letter 
  • Original Bank Statements with Bank Seal or updated Bank Passbook with a minimum balance of Rs 1 Lakh.
  • National ID copy of inviter who is sponsoring your visa

The guidelines of every country for foreign visitors change from time to time, so for the updated visa document requirements, you can consult SEPL expert visa consultants. 

SEPL is the Ministry of External Affairs outsourcing company for accepting documents from the candidates and processing the attestation procedure

With certificate attestation and apostille services, we also deal in visa stamping and processing, so you can focus on the other vital tasks related to shifting from one country to another, such as shopping, packing, etc. 

Where to Apply to Get your Egypt Visa in India? 

Getting a visa to move from your home country abroad for professional and personal exposure is not an easy task to accomplish without hindrances. The minor detailings in the visa processing are different for every country.

Even the process of an employment visa or business visa for the same nation has many differences. It is one of the reasons the authorities outsourced visa processing work. So, the candidate gets the proper guidance and help from an expert visa consultant to process a visa application for countries like Egypt. 

Yes, you can apply for an Egypt visa online or offline according to your purpose of visiting the same country. But, if you want to complete your visa process work as soon as possible without any problem, you can contact SEPL. 

We not only process your visa application, but we complete the tasks included in the checklist that the authorities provide to someone who wants a visa for Egypt. 

The following are the tasks SEPL accomplishes to process your visa application swiftly and securely. 

  1. Document attestation 
  2. Travel Insurance 
  3. Medical insurance 
  4. Travel arrangements 

You can approach us via email, Whatsapp, call, or visit our office for visa consultant services for Egypt visa processing for Indians. 

Egypt Visa Processing Time

Egypt visa processing time depends on the visa type, your purpose of shifting, the days, months, and years you will stay in the foreign country, and the authorities involved in the visa processing task. 

We take all the necessary steps to save your visa from being rejected. We thoroughly check all your documents before processing your visa application. 

Egypt Visa Fees

  • Egypt Employment Visa Fees – Rs. 5400/-
  • Egypt Tourist Visa Fees – Rs.2600/- for Single entry 
  • Rs.5400/- for Multiple entries
  • Egypt Business Visa Fees – Rs.5400/- for Single entry
  • Rs.7700/- for Multiple entries

The charges for visas fluctuate whenever the new guideline and rules the Egypt government issues. So, consult an expert visa consultant for new fee updates. 

What is an Egypt e-Visa for Indians?

The reason to start a service of e-Visa is to decrease the long and tiring bureaucratic procedures. An applicant submits his attested documents, visa fees, etc., online for an Egypt e-visa. 

Are Indians Eligible for e-Visa for Egypt?

The name of India is present in the list of 78 countries whose citizens have approval to apply for Egypt -eVisa via the Egypt e-Visa portal. 

How to Apply for Egypt e-Visa Online?

  • Visit Egypt e-Visa portal 
  • Click on apply now 
  • Create your account 
  • Confirm your account registration 
  • Login to your account on the Egypt e-Visa portal 
  • Again select now 
  • Select the type of visa 
  • Fill out your e-Visa application  
  • Pay your e-Visa fees via your visa card, MasterCard, or debit card 
  • Wait for approval for your e-Visa via email 

When you get your e-Visa via email, login to the Egypt e-Visa portal, download your e-Visa, and take a print out. The immigration officer will ask for your Egypt e-visa print out at the port of entry. 


Get your visa application processed with no hindrances with Superb Enterprise. We know the ins and outs of visa processing for all types of Egypt visas for Indians.