What Help Does a Visa Consultant Provide to Obtain a Visa?

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Processing a visa for a foreign country is a tedious task. It includes various kinds of paperwork, legal documentation, and multiple visits from one government office to another to compile the certificates and documents needed to apply for a visa. 

Every year lakhs of people take the required actions to get a visa for a foreign country for different reasons like education, employment, business, etc. Unfortunately, from lakhs, only a few people survive in the race to get a licence (visa) to fly abroad and fulfil their purpose. 

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A visa is a permit or a licence issued by the authorities that allow the applicant to travel to his destination country. 

Not passing in the interview with the foreign consulate is one of the reasons behind visa refusal. But, many people did not make their way to the interview for a visa. It is because their visa application has many loopholes that do not perform well to impress the visa officer to accept their visa application. 

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People get their visas processed through visa consultants to avoid the loopholes that can become the reasons for your visa application refusal. An expert visa consultant holds the necessary knowledge and experience to file your visa application appropriately. In addition, they take care of all aspects related to visa processing.

Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) fulfilling the responsibility of helping people in the task of certificate attestation. The organisation holds the official approval of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, to accomplish the task of document attestation on your behalf. 

SEPL, apart from attestation and apostille services, deals in visa stamping and processing services. The expert team of SEPL is very well aware of all the ins and outs of visa processing. 

Here we have compiled the list of the benefits you give yourself by consulting a SEPL visa consultant. 

What Help Does a SEPL Visa Consultant Provide? 

There are various types of visas, and each visa processing system has different requirements. SEPL experienced visa consultants provide help and guidance for all types of visas. We work according to the visa and the destination country of the applicant. The following are some of the jobs we handle included in the task of getting a visa on your behalf. 

Document Attestation

Prior to submitting your visa application to the concerned authorities, we complete all the tasks mentioned in your visa application checklist. Attestation and apostille of your legal documents and certificates are one of the crucial steps to applying for a visa. 

Document attestation is the process that includes the government authorities of your home country and the embassy of your destination nation. Attestation on your documents is the task accomplished according to your visa type and the purpose of moving to a foreign country. 

For instance, if your reason for moving from your native country to a foreign country has a connection with education, apply for a study visa. To start the process of your study visa, we need your educational documents for attestation.

Once we receive your previous education certificates, we scrutinise them carefully and submit them to the state human resource department for HRD attestation, the Ministry of External Affairs for MEA attestation, and your concerned country’s Embassy for embassy attestation. 

After document attestation, we move to the next vital step, travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance 

This service has a direct connection with your duration of living abroad. Just like vehicle insurance is a crucial document to afford vehicle damage. Travel insurance is vital to handle the cost of losing a passport, personal belongings, etc. 

Often people get confused about what kind of travel insurance will suit them the best. For instance, your visa application states that you will go on a business trip for a few days. Now you are unsure of which travel insurance will benefit you the most.

Our expert visa consultant helps you choose the best travel insurance. 

After travel insurance, the other crucial task that we accomplish for you has a direct connection with your health. 

Medical Insurance 

This document is vital to handle unplanned medical emergencies in foreign countries. Covid is one of the inspirations to buy medical insurance to save yourself from the unexpected expenses of accidental medical situations. 

We help you select the best medical insurance according to your budget and visa expiration date. If your trip has the purpose of studying abroad, we fill up the application form for your medical insurance according to the days or years you will stay abroad. So, you can focus on your studies without worrying about anything related to any medical emergency. 

While getting medical insurance, we wish that no person may experience any medical crisis.

Besides attestation service, travel insurance, and medical insurance arrangements, we book your air tickets and attach them with your visa application form. 

Travel Arrangements

We also arrange your flight itinerary or a round-trip flight reservation. It is one of the needs mentioned in your visa application checklist requested by the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Your travel itinerary and flight tickets convey to the visa officer that you will return on this date from abroad. Your tickets give accurate information to the visa officer about how long you will stay in your destination country. 

Biometric Appointment 

Biometrics is a task performed by the applicant. We attach all the necessary documents and certificates with your visa application and accompany you to the visa officer’s headquarters to submit your application with your biometrics. 

This requirement has a direct connection with your destination country. Some countries place the request for a visa interview to pass the visa application of a candidate. On the other hand, various countries process biometric programs to accept the visa application of a candidate.  

Visa Interview Guidance 

By the way, a visa interview is one of the tasks added on the checklist of rare candidates. Usually, interviews often happen when you place a request to go to the US. 

On the other hand, the visa officer requests to take an interview of the candidate when he develops doubt in his documents. Often people are not able to pass the visa interview because either they are not able to get a good hold of the language of the country they have to go to, or the interviewer is unsatisfied with the answers of the candidate. In such a situation, we also guide our candidates on how they should prepare to face the interview. 

Visa Processing 

From filling out your visa application to submitting it to the concerned authority, SEPL visa consultants help you in every part of the process. 

We fill up your visa application according to your purpose of moving abroad. Generally, people move abroad for a trip, study, employment, visit family members, medical tourism, transit, attend an event, conference, or business meetings, negotiate business deals, etc. 

With your guidance on the type of visa you are interested in, we choose the visa application, fill out all the necessary details in the form, and pay your visa application fee on your behalf. 

Choosing a suitable visa can be confusing. It is because there are different types of visas for the same purpose. For instance, The United States presents F, J, and M, student visa categories. 

The experienced and expert visa consultant team of SEPL helps people who are clueless about the formats and technicalities applied to select a visa application. 


Every task connected with moving from one nation to another includes minor detailings and a lot of paperwork. Any small mistake made in this work can put a full stop to your dream of going abroad. In such a situation, the help of experts works for your benefit only. 

SEPL provides swift and secure document attestation and visa consultant services. Email, call, WhatsApp, or visit our office for visa processing services for a visa like permanent residency, work, student, visit or tourist, business, family or relative category visa, partner or spouse category visa, etc.