What is Invitation Letter for a Visa & How to Write It?

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Travelling from your home country to a foreign country is an easy task to accomplish with a visa and a valid passport. Visa is a type of pass you get from the immigration authorities of your destination country. Visa is a document that gives your host country information about your travelling purpose and the duration of your stay. 

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Furthermore, people apply for a visa to meet relatives or attend a function abroad. People also get a visa and fly to a foreign country to fulfil the business-related requirements of their company. 

But, do you know that you need an invitation letter for a visa when your purpose of travelling is to meet a relative, friend, or family member or attend a function or wedding?

It is also obligatory when you travel abroad for business purposes.

What is Invitation Letter for a Visa? 

Invitation means requesting someone to visit your place for a function, meeting, business, or anything else. 

Similarly, an invitation letter is a request you send to the country’s embassy or consulate for the visa application of the person who is coming to meet you.

Through an invitation letter, your residence country gets the information that you know the applicant, he is your relative or friend, you have accommodation, and the applicant will stay with you. 

An invitation letter confirms that you are taking the guarantee of the visa applicant. You are assuring the host country that the applicant is visiting your residence country for this particular reason.

The applicant will stay at your residence, and you will take care of his travel expenses. You give a guarantee that the visitor will fly back to his home country before the expiration date of his visa.  

When do You Need an Invitation Letter? 

In two conditions, we need an invitation letter, and they are;

When your purpose of visiting a foreign country has a connection with your company or business. The authorities who have invited you abroad will write an invitation letter to the embassy or you for your visa application. 

On the other hand, if your purpose of visiting has a connection with your relative, friend, or family member, he writes an invitation letter to the host country’s embassy. Or he will send the letter to you, and you can attach it with your other documents to apply for a visa. 

Where to Submit an Invitation Letter?

If you are writing an invitation letter for someone, you can send it to the applicant or the host country’s embassy. 

How to Write an Invitation Letter? 

Many embassies provide a form on their website for users to add the required details and get their invitation letter online. Your invitation letter is appropriate if it includes the below-described details. 

Sample of Letter of Invitation for a Visa to the Embassy

Add the date when you write the letter 

The country embassy 

Address of the embassy [Date]

Letter of Invitation for______ add visitor’s name and Passport No

Dear Sir/Madam

This invitation letter is to support________(Add Visitor Name) for his/her visa application. The applicant is a resident of _______ (Country Name) and is my (Relationship). He or she lives at (Address) and their contact number is ________________.

I am the legal resident of ________(Foreign country name), and I live at [Address) and I work as ________(Position) with a net income of __________per year. I have invited________(Applicant Name) from______ (Foreign country name) from ____(Date of Entry) to___ (Date of Departure) because of _______( Purpose of applicant’s visit).

My request to you to grant a visa to __________(Applicant name) for this whole period. I will take full responsibility to cater to the applicant’s well-being. The applicant will be a resident at my home, and  I will see that the applicant returns to the home country before the expiration date of his/her visa. 

Thank you in advance for your favourable response


Writer Your Name

Writer Date of Birth

Writer Address

Write Phone Number

Write Signature

Sample of Letter of Invitation for a Visa to the Applicant

Mention the Date when you write the letter 

Letter of Invitation for__(Add Applicant’s Name and Passport No)

Dear (Applicant’s Name),

This is an invitation to you to visit my country. It’s been so long since we have seen each other. The level of my excitement is unimaginable that you will finally be able to come to this beautiful country and meet all those amazing people who have made my stay in the country so easy and comfortable.

While you are my (Mention your relationship with the applicant), I will be responsible to take care of you and your needs, such as accommodation, food, and travel around the country, from the day you arrive from your native country on ____(Arrival Date) until the day you leave on (Departure Date).

Kindly find attachments of the required documents to get a visa from the_____ (Name of the Host country) Embassy.

Add Your Name 

Your Full Address 

Your Country 

Your Occupation 

Contact Details 

Work Address 

Your Signature 

What are the Supporting Documents for the Invitation Letter of Visa? 

An invitation letter is not a requirement of many embassies. Therefore if you are inviting someone to your country of residence, you do not need to be obliged to send documents alongside an invitation letter.

Still, attaching an invitation letter for a visa is thoughtful to run the visa processing and stamping work as fast as possible. Submit the following documents alongside the Letter of Invitation:

  • ID or passport copy of the person who is writing the letter of invitation.
  • Proof of residence type (ownership or rental contract)
  • An itinerary of the visitor. 

Requirements to Write an Invitation Letter

If you are writing an invitation letter for someone to visit your residence country, you must be;

  • A permanent or legal resident of a foreign country.
  • The applicant should be your partner, friend, relative, employee, or business partner. 
  • You must have a registered residence.
  • There must be enough space at your home for the visitor to stay. 


Applying for a visa to a foreign country is easy when the purpose of living for the applicant is clear. On the same side, the applicant needs to have all the necessary documents ready with attestation

After that to visit your family, friend, or relative in a foreign country, & for business purposes you need an invitation letter.