How to Get a Degree Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

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Kuwait is one of the Gulf countries whose economy is the world’s twentieth-largest by GDP per capita.

Kuwait Dinar (Currency) is the most valuable in the world. Kuwait’s oil industry has made Kuwait rich. On top of this, steel manufacturing in Kuwait is the second-biggest industry. People move to Kuwait for promising job opportunities and high salaries. 

But, before moving to Kuwait, you need to go through the attestation process for your legal documents like your degree certificate. 

This blog provides everything you need to know about the process of degree certificate attestation for Kuwait

What is Degree Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

Attestation is a procedure to verify the documents of someone who is moving to a foreign country. A degree certificate is an educational document required for education or employment in Kuwait. 

A degree certificate attestation process for Kuwait has a total of three steps that I’ll cover below. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) accepts applications for attestation through its officially approved agency. The Superb Enterprise is one of the authorized agencies of MEA.

The attestation process is legal and run by professional and authorized agencies. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, has authorized the Superb Enterprise agency to provide swift and secure attestation services

The MEA accepts attestation applications through the authorized Superb Enterprise to complete the process without hassle and delay.

What is the Procedure of a Degree Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

The attestation of a document is a process that includes the state and MEA of the country from where the document originates. The Embassy of your destination country is also a part of the attestation procedures that provide the final attestation stamp on your degree certificate and demonstrates its authenticity.

  1. The state human resource department verifies your degree certificate and will check whether your degree certificate is original or not and confirm its authenticity with an HRD attestation.
  1. Once the degree obtains an HRD attestation, the MEA performs the further verification process and provides MEA attestation to support the document’s genuineness.  
  1. After the state and MEA level authentication verification of a degree certificate, the Kuwait Embassy places an attestation stamp on your document. 

These are the departments that verify educational certificates in India for Kuwait attestation. But, they accept applicants for Kuwait attestation from the MEA authorized agency SEPL.

How to Contact SEPL for a Degree Certificate Attestation Service in India? 

SEPL facilitates and provides attestation services for MEA. We are experts who ensure complete work satisfaction and maintain absolute transparency in the attestation process.

To get a degree certificate attestation, you can dial +91-11-41855999 to ask questions directly to an expert for the Kuwait embassy attestation or fill out a contact form.

You can also use email to share your query at and gather vital information about degree certificate attestation service for Kuwait. 

Is Certificate Attestation Mandatory for a Kuwait Visa?

Yes, attestation of a document demonstrates its original and issued by an authorized university. This procedure is compulsory for someone going to Kuwait for study, work, business, etc. 

It is a kind of verification to confirm the document a person is using to obtain a particular visa is valid. 

For instance, you secured a promising job in Kuwait, and to move there, you have applied for a work permit visa. So, to obtain a work permit visa for Kuwait, you need some documents and go through many verification procedures. 

Attestation of documents is one of those procedures to proclaim the genuineness of the certificates you will use in Kuwait for education or employment. 

Just like a passport and visa are mandatory for someone to go to Kuwait, in the same way, attestation of documents is vital to prove their authenticity necessary to get importance in Kuwait.

What are the Documents Needed for a Degree Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

To complete the attestation process in a quick time, submit the following documents to an authorized agency, Superb Enterprises. 

  • Original Degree Certificate
  • Passport copy of the certificate holder 
  • Visa copy (If Applicable)
  • Two passport size photos 
  • Authorization letter (If Required)
  • Mark sheet copies all years
  • HSC Certificate 

Why Do You Need Superb Enterprises for Kuwait Embassy Attestation?

  1. We have years of expertise and experience to complete the attestation procedure.
  2. We have a trained and experienced team to assist our customers.
  3. We keep the matter and process of attestation informative for our clients. 
  4. We have reasonable charges and processing time.
  5. We also accept clients’ applications for attestation via courier.
  6. We educate you to prepare documents for attestation as per protocol.
  7. Once we complete the attestation process, we inform the client to schedule a pick-up or courier delivery.
  8. We save our clients time for attestation.
  9. You can take our attestation services in India and global locations.

Once you submit your documents, we will do the rest of the job without bothering you.