How to Get Nursing Certificate Attestation for UAE

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Attestation on your nursing certificate is crucial to applying for a government job as a nurse in the UAE. Certificate attestation is an obligatory procedure executed by the government authorities and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the certificate-issued country and the UAE embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Attestation confirms the genuineness of the document for use in a foreign country.

The attestation procedure has three steps depending on your destination country, your purpose of moving from India to abroad, and the type of documents for attestation. 

In this blog, we have mentioned the nursing certificate attestation process for UAE, the qualities of a good nurse in the UAE, nursing in Dubai requirements, registering for healthcare jobs in Dubai, and starting salary of a nurse in Dubai. 

Procedure to Get a Nursing Certificate Attestation for UAE 

In India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the only authority that attests to the document issued in India. The MEA accepts documents for attestation through its officially authorized agency Superb Enterprise Pvt. Ltd (SEPL). The following is the procedure for UAE nursing certificate attestation that SEPL, with its swift and affordable manner, completes for its customers. 

Step 1 – HRD Attestation 

All educational certificates come under the State Human Resource Development (HRD) department for verification and attestation. The State HRD department, with its HRD attestation, confirms the authenticity of your nursing certificate. 

Step 2 – MEA Attestation 

Once the State HRD places an HRD attestation on a certificate, the MEA performs the final verification and attestation of your nursing certificate from the government of India. 

Step 3 – UAE Embassy Attestation 

The state and MEA level of attestations are the task performed by the country that issued the certificate, which shows that the document is authentic. But the final attestation on the international level of your nursing certificate is the task accomplished by the embassy of your destination country. The UAE embassy places an attestation stamp with a sign on your nursing certificate vital to finding a nursing job in Dubai as a foreigner. 

MOFA attestation is also one of the attestations needed to use a document in any state of the UAE. If your employer or Dubai nursing recruitment agency demand MOFA attestation on your nursing certificate, you can contact SEPL. We provide end-to-end assistance to the applicant and complete the state-to-MEA and embassy to MOFA attestations without any hindrances. 

How Can You Get a Registered Nurse Job in Dubai on a 3 Months Visit Visa?

Nursing is the most sought-after job in UAE health care after lab technician and infectious disease specialist. 

If you meet the below-described terms and conditions for healthcare jobs in Dubai, you can get a private or government job as a registered nurse in Dubai on a three-month visit visa. 

1. Minimum of 2 years of work experience as a nurse in any private hospital in your home country. 

2. Cleared an examination conducted by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

3. Attested educational certificates and no criminal record. 

Take help from Dubainursing recruitment agencies to get a govt job as a nurse in the UAE. 

What is the Starting Salary of a Nurse in Dubai?

Your wages as a nurse depend on your designation, such as an assistant nurse, practical nurse, or specialist nurse. 

Private hospitals nursing jobs in Dubai for foreigners offer wages between 4000 –10,000 AED. On the other hand, by applying for a govt job as a nurse in Dubai, you can get a salary package of above 10000 AED per month. 

Securing a job in the healthcare sector in Dubai or any state of UAE is a cumbersome process if you have no support from an affiliated healthcare recruitment agency. 

What are the Skills and Qualities of a Nurse?

A nursing job can be grueling at times as it demands a person to be patient, calm, loving, caring, and flexible. No matter what you are mourning for as a nurse, you must be respectful, careful, attentive, optimistic, and conscious towards your patients or the person you are attending. Here are the skills you must have to apply for a nursing job in Dubai. 

  1. You should be soft-spoken. 
  2. You have a good command of English.
  3. Empathy should be one of your natures. 
  4. Be aware of your surroundings. 
  5. Be flexible in handling extra work. 
  6. Pay attention to details. 
  7. You should have a sharp memory. 
  8. Be a problem-solver.
  9. Follow initiative and strong work ethic. 
  10. Be brave to defend the patient effectively. 

What are the Requirements for a Nursing Job in UAE as a Foreigner?  

  1. A nursing license.
  2. An accredited nursing or midwifery course.
  3. A minimum of three years of training 
  4. A basic life support certificate.
  5. Two years of experience as a registered nurse.

Benefits of Applying for a Nurse Job in the UAE 

  1. Tax-free income 
  2. Low crime rate 
  3. Free insurance 
  4. Free medical assistance 
  5. Free housing or housing allowances 
  6. Annual increment 
  7. Low cost of living 
  8. Educational and travel allowances
  9. Paid vacations

Are you studying a nursing course and planning to work in the UAE as a nurse? Approach Superb Enterprises  for document attestation, visa processing, and a govt job in the Ministry of Health (MOH) Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or other states of UAE.