What is a Salary Certificate & Why is It Important?

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A salary certificate contains the details of an employee’s monthly pay that he needs to prove to the finance institution for loan application & other purposes.  This document is proof of employment and the salary of an employee provided by the employer.

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Generally, the finance team of an organisation emails a monthly salary slip to the employee. But a salary certificate is different from a salary slip. 

A salary certificate is a document an employer-issued in the name of an employee who needs it to submit along with a loan application in any financial institution.

Given below are the basic details of a salary certificate.

What is a Salary Certificate?

A salary certificate is a document issued by an employer on the request of an employee. This certificate is proof of an employee’s monthly pay, dedication, and expenses covered by the employer.  

Do not forget to get your salary certificate from your current organisation because you might need it to overcome current or forthcoming financial cruises or to join a firm in a foreign country. 

Many financial institutions demand salary certificates to approve an individual’s loan application. 

You can write a salary certificate letter to your employee to get a salary certificate. 

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Salary Certificate Format 


Date of Issuing Certificate 

Time of Issuing Certificate 

This is to certify that ______________ has been working as the _____________for the last ___________ years or months (from this Date and year). He or she has been serving as a permanent/temporary employee of the company and taking a salary of ________ per month. He or she has been a hard-working, sincere, and dedicated employee.

This letter is being issued at the request of ____________, and the company holds no accountability on behalf of the letter.

Gross Salary

Basic Pay

Deductions (Rs.)



Professional Tax



Medical Allowance

Other Deductions


Total Deductions

Gross Salary 

Net Salary 

Net Salary [Enter Amount in words]

HR Manager




Salary Certificate Letter: Guidelines and Tips

The steps to writing a letter to your employer to issue your salary certificate are as follows;

  • The letter should be brief, concise, clear, and straightforward.
  • Address HR, the finance manager, or the person in charge.
  • State your professional information, like ID, branch, department, and designation.
  • Mention the reason for applying for a salary certificate. 
  • Share your gratitude towards the recipient.

Samples and Format of Writing a Letter for a Salary Certificate 

Company Address 


HR Manager



I,_________, writing this letter to request to issue a salary certificate. I need this certificate to place a request for a credit card. The bank has asked me to submit a salary certificate from my current employer. The bank manager has requested my income proof along with the necessary documentation.

I have applied for a credit card from the BANK NAME and ADDRESS. 

I, therefore, request you to please provide me with a salary certificate on or before DATE.

Thank you,



What Should be Added to Your Salary Certificate?

  • Employee name 
  • Employee code 
  • Basic salary 
  • Gross salary 
  • Employment status 
  • Total allowances 
  • Date of Joining 
  • Address 
  • Cost to company 
  • Designation 
  • Department 
  • Authority Signature 
  • Dearness allowance 
  • House rent allowance 
  • Medical allowance
  • Special allowance 
  • Travel allowance 
  • Provident fund deduction 

Why is a Salary Certificate Important?

When you leave an organisation for professional exposure and a salary increment, the new employer might ask you for a salary certificate. 

A salary certificate letter confirms that you were a part of a particular organisation. You get an increment in salary from a new organisation based on your salary certificate. 

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Why is a Salary Certificate Required?

A salary certificate is needed for many reasons to show their monthly salary. The following are some general cases when you need this certificate to show the concerned individual that you earn this particular amount every month. 

  • Bank loan application
  • Visa application
  • Credit card application 
  • Scholarships
  • Fee submissions
  • Subsidies

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Who Issues the Salary Certificate in a Company?

The HR department or your manager or office manager is the concerned person who receives your letter. Then the HR manager or office manager will send your request letter to the clerical area of your organisation for processing.

After a few days, as per your current organisation’s work culture, you will get your salary certificate from your employer. 

How is a Salary Certificate Different from a Salary Slip?

A salary certificate is placed on a company’s letterhead and stamped by an authority. This certificate signifies that this person is an employee of origination for a given period in return for fixed monthly payments.

Here is the difference between a salary certificate and a salary slip.

  • A salary certificate does not include information to show the detailed breakup of an individual salary. But, a salary slip gives detailed information about income and deductions made in the monthly salary.
  • The salary certificate does not assure the financial standing of an employee. But, a salary slip shows the details of the financial standing of an employee.

Before leaving any organisation, request the employer to issue all certificates you might need to secure a job for salary increment and professional growth. 

A salary certificate attestation is compulsory if you wish to use the certificate in a foreign country.