Moving to Dubai From India- Everything You Need to Know

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Settling down from your native country to a foreign country is a cumbersome process. You may face difficulties living in a foreign country, but with some adjustments to a new country as an immigrant, you can go with the flow and enjoy the experience. 

There are so many Indians in Dubai living peacefully, earning a  tax-free income and avail of the facilities and benefits Dubai provides to its foreign citizens. 

Dubai is one of the states of UAE that has a low cost of living, and you will find the best place to live in Dubai for Indian families, jobs in Dubai for Indians, and getting Dubai citizenship for Indians is not rocket science. 

On top of that, fulfilling the legal requirements to move to Dubai from India are as easy as shelling peas. 

In this blog, you read about how to settle in Dubai from India, things to know before moving to Dubai, and the legal requirements to move to Dubai from India. 

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Legal Requirements to Move to Dubai from India 

Can you just move to another country? Yes, you can travel to another country on a tourist visa. However, to settle in a foreign country, you need a reason to define the Dubai embassy to allow you to move to Dubai from your native country. A visa, whether it is a study or employment/work visa, you need one to settle down in another country. 

What Visa do you Need to Move to Dubai from India?

There are five different types of visas for immigrants to relocate to Dubai from India, and they are:- 

1. Employment Visa has an uncomplicated visa processing system. When you secure a job in Dubai from India, your employer will apply for your employment visa in Dubai and provide you with a copy of it. 

Once you receive your employment visa, you can move to Dubai within seven days. Remember to attest to your documents like your degree, last employment documents, police clearance certificate, and medical certificate before moving to Dubai. 

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2. Student Visa, also known as a student residence visa, is what 18 years old or above students get to study in Dubai. An outstanding student will get a student visa for five years to gain a world-class education in Dubai. 

3. Investor Visa is to boost the business culture in Dubai. You are eligible to apply for an investor visa to commence or expand your business in Dubai. For an investor visa, must deposit from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 to the UAE government. 

4. Property Owner Visa is for those who bought a property in Dubai.  

5. A dependent visa has different requirements depending on your sponsor. 

  • Parents can sponsor their 18 years or above and unmarried children. 
  • A child can sponsor his parents if his monthly income is AED 20,000 or more. 
  • A spouse can sponsor his partner if he earns more than AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 and has a residence in Dubai. 

Things to Know Before Moving to Dubai from India

Prepare yourself for the hustle prior to taking a flight to land in Dubai. Here are the tasks you need to perform before moving to Dubai to start your job, study, or business there. 

  1. Get your Indian educational certificates attestation by the State Human Resource Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Dubai embassy in India. The steps of certificate attestation depend on their type and purpose. Attestation is compulsory to use your document in Dubai. 
  1. Attest your marriage certificate before entering the country as a married couple. 
  1. A police clearance certificate with attestation is mandatory when moving to Dubai on a work or student visa. 
  1. Pack your passport-sized photographs with a white background that you may need in Dubai to apply for various things, from work permits to residence visas and different licenses.
  1. You can take the help of your employer and ask him to arrange accommodation for you until you rent an affordable apartment in Dubai. 
  1.  If you are a student, apply for accommodation via your university or institute in Dubai. 
  1. Pack some dry foods for your starting days in Dubai until you find food stores in Dubai near your college, home, or office. 
  1. Read the rules and regulations on the Dubai tourism website for immigrants in Dubai. 

What is Illegal in Dubai?

  1. Swearing on social media or in public in the UAE is a crime as it can damage someone’s pride, modesty, and privacy.
  2. Selling and consuming alcohol in Dubai without an alcohol license is against the law in Dubai. 
  3. Living or sharing the same house with opposite sex without marriage is a crime in Dubai. 
  4. Cross-dressing is illegal in Dubai when men and women dress up like their opposite gender. 
  5. Taking photos of women and government buildings without permission is a crime in Dubai. 
  6. Criticizing the Dubai government online or offline is illegal. 
  7. Drug possession or trafficking and selling in Dubai are a crime.

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