State Home Department Authentication: A Prerequisite on Personal Documents

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State home department authentication:

Certificate attestation is a rectification procedure in which the certificates undergoes a series of scrutinization procedure conducted by the governmental authorities. This corroboration begins with the State Home Department, a regulatory body established in every state which authenticates personal documents such as birth certificate and marriage certificate originated in their respective state. Thereupon, the certificate will be submitted with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) which is the sole designated authority issuing attestation in India. The Home Department authentication stipulates that the certificate has been originated in that particular state and is true as per their knowledge.

Some of the important aspects of Home Department authentication are:

  • The entire procedure of certificate authentication is accomplished by the State Home Department on the same day.
  • Only the original copy of the certificate will be authenticated by the Home Department. Unabridged certificates or computer printouts are not accepted by the department for legalization.
  • The applicant is mandated to present at the office of Home Department with an application form and original copies of all the required supporting documents.

No pre-authenticated certificates will be entertained by the MEA and Embassy for attestation. Hence, Home Department authentication is mandated on all Indian originated personal documents. Authenticating a document is free, and it signifies that the certified document is genuine. In some states where there is no Home Department, in those particular states the certificates are authenticated by the General Administration Department (GAD). Now that you are completely aware of the State Home Department validation, you can now either attest your certificates by yourself or via a professional. There are numerous agents rendering document legalization and attestation services for various countries including birth certificate attestation for Saudi Arabia.