What is Authorization Letter & Why It Is Required?

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What do you mean by authorization? Authority means giving someone the power to do something or handle work on your behalf. When you are not present in a country, you want to collect your degree from your college, so by an authorization letter, you give someone the authority or right to collect your degree certificate from the university. 

It can be a letter to the principal to hand over your degree certificate to your friend.

Now, what is the connection between authorization letters and document attestations?

What is Authorization Letter for Attestation?

Attestation is a legal producer to verify your documents like a degree, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police clearance certificate, or any commercial document for use in a foreign country. The procedure of attestation includes much paperwork.

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It is a legal procedure performed by the Government authorities, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and embassies of different countries. So, to keep the task of attestation affordable and secure for students, employees, businesses, as well as common people, the MEA of India has authorized Superb Enterprises Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) to carry out the attestation procedure for all types of documents on the applicants’ behalf. 

SEPL guides and helps students, employers, job seekers, business persons, and individuals by completing the attestation procedure on their behalf. 

Now for performing the attestation work on your behalf, the company needs an authorization letter from you. In this letter of authorization, you mention that a particular person or company has the full authority to attest to your document because you cannot do that for a reason. 

With an authorization letter, you are giving SEPL the power to submit your document to the concerned State Government Department, MEA, and Embassy for attestations. 

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Attestation is not the only concern, and for that, you need an authorization letter. There are many reasons to write a letter of authorization like an authorization letter for visa collection, visa submission, and extension. 

Why Do You Need a Letter of Authorization?

As aforementioned, a letter of authorization confirms that a person has the legal authority to act on your behalf. The following are the reasons why we need an authorization letter. 

  1. The purpose of an authorization letter to the respective embassy is to give the authority to someone to collect your passport from the issuing authority. 
  2. An authorization letter for employment verification 
  3. An authorization letter for the bank 
  4. An authorization letter for a passport for a child. 

Now you know what is a letter of Authorization for a passport, what is the purpose of an authorization letter and what is authorization letter for documents attestation. Now, let’s move to other important questions.  

Do I need a Letter of Authorization for all Types of Documents Attestations?

For any type of document attestation, whether it is an educational, personal, or commercial certificate, you need to write a letter of authorization to give authority to the MEA outsourcing company to run the attestation procedure on your behalf. 

How to Write a Letter of Authorization?

If you are writing a letter of authorization for document attestation, avoid including informal words. Your letter should contain details of the person you are giving authority to attest to your document and the source of document collection and delivery that you and the authorized person will follow. 

Include the following details in your letter of authorization for document attestation:-

Include the name and address of the concerned department receiver. Now you must be perplexed that an attestation procedure includes three departments that check a document and provide it attestations. So in this situation, which department will be concerned in the letter.

So the topic of mentioning the concerned department in the authorization letter has many minor and complicated steps. You can contact our expert and get complete information about how to write a letter of authorization. Our experts will help you with everything from writing a letter to documenting attestations. 

  • The contact number of the sender
  • Start your letter with Dear.  
  • In the body of the letter, mention the person you are permitting to do a particular task on your behalf. Provide proof that you wrote the letter. 
  • In the end, thanks to the reader and add formal closing. 
  • Include your full name at the end of the letter. 
  • Add the day when you wrote the letter. 
  • Do not forget to sign the letter. 

An authorization letter is vital to obtain document attestation services. SEPL has years of experience and expertise in attestation and apostille services in India. We have many service centers all over India and in Dubai to manage the administrative functions of document attestation. 

We have dedicated professionals that guide and support you with every step of attestation, whether it is a collection of documents for attestation, documents language translation for Gulf and European countries attestation, or writing an authorization letter. 

Does the Authorization Letter Need to Be Attested?

The letter of authorization is attested in special cases when someone who lives in India wants to give power to someone else who stays in a foreign country to do something on his behalf. For instance, you live in the UAE, and you have legal work to finish in India, but due to some reasons, you cannot visit India. In this case, you write a letter of authorization and attest it by the Indian government to give authority to a person to perform a legal task on your behalf. 

An authorization letter is one of the crucial documents you need for a document attestation or an equivalency certificate. 

What is Authorization Letter for an Equivalency Certificate?

Equivalency certification is an authentication provided by the Ministry of Education that confirms a particular person’s educational qualification matches the UAE standard. This certification is necessary for students who completed their school-level qualifications from a foreign board and want to study in the UAE.

An authorization letter helps when you are not present in the country to apply for an equivalency certification. You can write an authorization letter to give power to someone who can complete the procedure and get an equivalency certification on your behalf.

We hope this blog might help you comprehend everything about the authorization letter, its needs, etc. Contact us if you want to attest to your educational, personal, or commercial documents in a safe & secure way.

We are authorized by the MEA and provide fast, reliable, and genuine document attestation and apostille services in India.