Medical Certificate Attestation – Its Need and Procedure

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A written declaration from a certified doctor confirming the medical test of a patient is called a medical certificate and can be used as a ‘sick report’. Medical Certificate needs to be authenticated and verified by a legal authority to prove its gentility.

A few purposes of Medical Certificate authentication are:

  • Claim medical advantages from the organization or government
  • Claim medical insurance
  • To get leave salary and extension
  • To explain the cause for long or short-term absence

Documents needed to get Medical Certificate Attested

Following documents are required to get your Medical Visa:

  • 2 recent Passport size photographs.
  • Original Passport.
  • Passport Photocopy with the relevant pages including residence visa page.
  • Letter from a reputed Indian hospital or medical center.
  • Valid medical certificates from a known hospital.

How to get a Medical Certificate Attested?

Lots of steps are needed to be followed to finally get the Medical Certificate Attestation done. The process to get your medical certificate attested is given below in detail:

Notary Attestation

This is a crucial step that needs to be done before all the other processes. The local notary performs this step and provides a signature and stamp on the document. Notary is the fundamental authority in the Medical certificate attestation process. It is also needed in the attestation of education and personal documents.

Home Department

A medical certificate is a private document that is verified by the Home Department of the state. Other personal documents needed for legalization are marriage certificate, birth certificate, and a death certificate. The Home Department of a state determines the medical document and attests it with their sign and stamp.

Attestation from Sub-Divisional Magistrate

The SDM or Sub-Divisional Magistrate is an option for the Home Department and in some cases, HRD. But for many authorities, HRD attestation for educational certificates is mandatory. It is self-governing and functions independently.

Stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) provides a legal stamp on the Medical Certificate that authenticates its genuinity. It is a prime department that looks after foreign issues of the country.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation process is performed by the Embassy of the individual country. Getting attestation from the Embassy is the final step after the MEA Stamp.

Time required to get Medical Certificate Attestation
The process of getting a Medical Certificate Attestation usually requires 8 to 10 days. However, it depends on the country of visit, document, and the state of origin. The time frame can increase up to a couple of weeks or over a month.