Why Document Translation is Requisite for Attestation?

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Need of document translation:

If you are moving out to a Non-English spoken foreign country like UAE or France or Saudi Arabia, then you must have been asked to translate some of your documents as a part of immigration procedure. Legal documents including birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption certificate, and business contracts are usually demanded to be submitted with their translation copies. For e.g., if you are seeking admission in a university abroad, then for getting degree certificate attestation from embassy, a translated copy of the degree is also required to submit along with original degree. Once translated and attested, the document will be recognized authentic in the country.

A certified translation entails the original document and interpretation of the document be accompanied by a signatory statement affirming that the translation is complete and accurate. At a glance, translation may seem uncomplicated and effortless, but it is much more than just translating words. Translation demands varied experience and expertise, and hence, the translator must attain a precise balance between the literal translations of the original transcript and make it authentic for the reader.

Some major aspects of translation are:

  1. The original document is required to be translated accurately in its entirety, i.e., all the signatures, punctuation, stamps, and seals must be included as it is. The original language of the certificate for translation must also be stated.
  2. The translation must match the original document visually. A copy of the original document must also be affixed with the translation.
  3. Hire a professional certified translator for translating your documents and avoid jeopardizing your immigration application.
  4. The translated document must be attested by the Notary and Embassy for being valid overseas.