How to Check Your Certificate Attestation is Original or Fake?

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Attestation is a legal task completed by the government authorities like the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of your home country. On the same side, the embassy of your foreign destination country also places an attestation stamp on your documents.

Attestation is compulsory to use your documents in a foreign country for educational and employment purposes. This verification procedure is also crucial to expanding business internationally or international trade.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India outsources the work of attestation and officially approved agencies to handle the delicate task of attestation. This action is taken into account to prevent cases of fake certificate attestation and to provide attestation services easily with less hassle.

Often people unintentionally take the service of document attestation from unauthorised attestation agencies to finish the work quickly and to save money. Or because the customers have no required knowledge of document attestation, and they unknowingly believe in the trap set up by fraud people who promised to deliver quick, relevant, and cheap cost attestation services. The unauthorised agency has no freedom to contact the concerned state department, MEA, and foreign embassy for attestation.

When the fraud has no legal authority to contact the authorities to run your document attestation process, you receive a certificate with a fake attestation. Fake attestation on a document is one of the top reasons people are blacklisted from applying for a visa for any foreign country.

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It is not everyone’s cup of tea to check fake certificate attestation in India. In this blog, you can read the easy ways to check if an attestation on your document is fake or genuine.

How to Check Your Certificate Attestation is Original or Fake?

Expert advice always works. Contact an expert to check if the attestation on your legal document is fake or original. Confidence trickers use specially designed seals and stamps as the original attestation seals and stamps. That is why it is hard for individuals to check if attestation is fake or genuine.

Often people find out that the attestations on their documents are faulty while dealing with the immigration department or getting visa stampings.

You will not find any online website or tool to identify if a certificate attestation is fake or original. Only the authorised agency can find out if an attestation on your legal document is genuine or fake.

The attestation seal and stamp include a number specially created for a document. For instance, with the help of an agency, you get HRD attestation on your degree certificate for use in the UAE. The attestation on your degree includes a number specially created for your document. So, the attestation number on your educational, personal or commercial documents is different.

The authorised agency contacts the department whose attestation is placed on your legal documents to cross-verify whether the attestation on your certificate is accurate or fake.

In the case of fake certificate attestation, the legal authorities can put you in jail. Anything like this can damage your dream to study abroad or work in a foreign country and spoil your country’s name.

How to Prevent Fake Attestation of Certificates in India?

It is an uphill struggle to check whether your document has received a bogus attestation or an original one. You might understand that prevention is always considered better than cure. So, take precautions to avoid throwing yourself into this trouble of fake certificate attestation. Follow the below-described points and prevent fake attestation of certificates in India.

  • Read the Google reviews of the company.
  • Check the history of the organisation.
  • Pick the authorised agency for your document attestation.
  • Do your research work to find agency offices in the country.
  • Contact the courier partner of the company to know whether they are genuine or not.
  • Visit the company office and communicate with the staff and their customers.
  • Gather information about the attestation services so you can ask relevant questions to your agent to check his knowledge and experience.

Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) is the authorized agency of the MEA to manage the administration work related to attestation services. We have a team of experts who complete attestation procedures for customers on their behalf.

What are the Side Effects of Using a Certificate with Fake Attestation?

Submitting a fake certificate and a certificate with fake attestation are crimes that can put you in trouble. The authorities will consider you a prime culprit and can take legal action against you.

Prohibition is one of the punishments decided for someone who will use fake degree attestation, fake HRD attestation, etc. Besides this, heavy fines and imprisonment are also taken into account for those who use fake certificate attestation in India.


Fake attestation is a crime. It is an act that can destroy your country’s image on an international level. Be aware of fraud. Connect with authorized agencies for swift and secure document attestation services in India.

Contact Superb Enterprises for certificate attestation services with less hassle and at the best cost.

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