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A visa is a document to travel overseas. It is the kind of permission you receive from the immigration department of a foreign country to live, study, or work in the country lawfully. 

H1B visa is a sought-after stepping stone. It is a non-immigrant and profession-based visa for foreign workers to work in the USA for technical fields that require a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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Numerous non-immigrants every year apply for a job visa for the United States of America. A visa can convert many people’s dreams of studying, working, or living in the USA into a reality. 

Every year many people fill out the form for an H1B visa for the USA, but passing the interview round for the same visa is a tough row to hoe. It often happens that people do not perform the way they should to pass the interview. 

They have the experience and knowledge necessary to apply for an H1B visa for the USA. But they fail to deliver accurate answers to the questions asked in the interview. Or else their grip on the language spoken in the country they are going to is a bit weak.

This blog includes the list of H1B Visa Interview Popular Questions & Answers. 

Preparation to do Prior to the H1B Visa Interview

1. Check the Consulate website before the interview schedule date to not leave any prerequisite activities undone that can become an obstacle for you during the interview. 

2. Prepare all the following documents for the interview;

  • A complete copy of the H1B petition, including the LCA (Labour Condition Application).
  • Original educational and professional certificates. 
  • An up-to-date resume.
  • Original job confirmation letter from the USA employer.
  • Other proof of employment.
  • Keep the documents safe in a file.

3. Check everything carefully prior to submitting your H1B petition and documents. Inconsistent information provided by you to the consular office will take you close to getting a red flag.

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H1B Visa Interview Popular Questions & Answers

Interview Questions & Answers About USA Employer

What is the business of your sponsoring employer?

Sit straight and elegantly to show your professional skills during your interview. Share the information you have related to your employer’s profession. Try to use simple, understandable, and communicate words to describe your thoughts to the interviewer clearly. 

If you have no such deep information about your sponsor business, only share what you know. Avoid making answers.

What are you going to perform for your employer?

Share in and out of the professional tasks you are going to accomplish for the employer. And, wrap your answer with information that sounds like your role is crucial in the company you are going to work for in the USA. 

What skills do you possess to prove you are the right fit for the sponsoring employer?

Keep your content short and crispy that must include the details of the skills you are born with, have adopted and developed, and are working on in the present. 

What salary is offered by your employer?

Remember, your answer will give confirmation and confidence to the interviewer that you can afford the cost of living in the USA. 

Who is the CEO of the USA company that hired you?

Read everything about the history, present, and future goals of the company you are going to work for in the USA. 

How many employees work for your sponsored employer?

Stay in touch with your employer and ask him about everything that helps you know about the USA company.

How did you get in touch with the sponsored employer?

Share who approached who first. The journey of getting a job in a USA company from your home country. 

Where is your company located?

Share the company’s official corporation address in the USA.

Interview Questions & Answers for H1B Visa Applicant Qualification

What is your highest qualification?

Share the details of your highest educational qualification with the reason for choosing this particular course. 

From where did you get your degree?

Describe positive points of your college and faculties. 

Do you have any experience in any field?

If you have any work experience, share the name of the company, your work duration, job title, and responsibility. 

Interview Questions to Know About your Intentions

Why did you choose the USA?

Describe the benefits of working in a USA company. The political, economic, educational, social, environmental, and professional developments launched in the USA towards all aspects; social, economic, and environmental. 

Have you ever moved to another country apart from your native country?

If you have not visited a foreign country prior, share the reasons you have planned to move to the USA. On the other hand, if you have ever gotten the chance to explore a foreign country, describe your experience in the best way. 

Do your family members, friend, or a guardian already reside in the USA?

If anyone you know lives in the USA, share his details, like name, address, profession, and your relationship with the person. 

What are your plans to return to your native country?

It is a tricky question, so play with it well. If you plan to return to your home country, describe a valid reason, like you want to spend some time in the USA to explore the culture and tradition and learn and work from and with experts. 

On the other hand, if you will stay in the country till your last breath, describe the best reasons to stay in the USA. 

Duration of  H1B Visa Interview

 If you have prepared well for the H1B interview, it may last up to 30 minutes. But, if we think about how long it takes to get an H1B visa after the interview, it all depends on if the interviewer approves your answers and the days spent to review your documents.

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The H1B visa has a validity period of three years. However, the immigration department gives an option to the applicant to extend the H1B visa up to six years under certain exceptions.

The list of the H1B visa interview questions above will help you prepare content to deal with everything the interviewer will throw your way. Remember, wear decent and professional clothes, and reach your interview destination half an hour before your interview is scheduled. 

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