What is UK Priority & Super Priority Visa Services?

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Getting a visa for the most popular country, the UK, is now trouble-free for you with the new priority and super priority visa services. Generally, UK visa applications take a minimum of three weeks to process.  

But by seeing the demand for UK student visas among Indian students, the UK government has surprised the world by offering UK priority visa and super priority visa service.

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According to the announcement made by Alex Ellis the British High Commissioner to India, priority and super priority visas are now available for Indian students to tackle the high demand of visa application.


This blog includes everything you must know about UK priority & super priority visa services for Indian students interested to study in top universities, institutes and schools in the UK. 

What is a UK Priority Visa? 

The UK Government, with a UK priority visa for Indian students, offers a chance to request the immigration department to finish your visa application acceptance process in mere 5 working days. 

Yes, the UK priority visa processing time is only five working days. So get your visa documentation and document attestation work done. 

What is a UK Super Priority Visa? 

Applying for a super priority visa for the UK means that the authority will give their decision on your visa application by the end of the next working day from the day when you have submitted your biometric information.

UK Priority Visa Fees in India?

UK Priority visa processing time is five working days that will cost you £500, Rs 47,ooo. 

UK Super Priority Visa Fees in India?

The super priority visa costs £800, Rs. 75,000 for you to fly to the UK as soon as possible.

Difference Between Super Priority and Priority Visa for the UK 

There are only factors that differentiate super priority visa from priority visa, and they are;

Cost – Super priority visa UK fees in India are Rs. 27,000 higher than priority visa UK fees in India. 

Duration of Accepting Visa Application – Where your priority visa for UK application acceptance process takes five working days, on the same side, a super priority visa for UK acceptance application will take only 24 hours to process. 

According to the UK government, “If super priority and priority visa service are available for your country and you are eligible to get a student visa for the UK, you apply and pay an additional cost for this service.”

What are the Important Documents Indian Students Require for UK Student Visa?

Submit the following documents, along with your super-priority or priority visa application, to the immigration department. 

  • An offer letter from the University is also known as a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Enter the reference number of your offer letter from the University on your visa application form within six months of receiving it. 
  • A tuberculosis test is mandatory to accomplish six months after coming to the UK. And an attestation stamp on your medical tests is compulsory to prove that the UK embassy has cross-checked the document and confirmed its authenticity with attestation. 
  • Proof of funding to confirm to the government of your destination country that you have the required funds to study in your favourite college, University or school in the UK.

Along with these three documents, you need to submit your valid passport, passport-size photos, and evidence of your qualifications. 

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The UKVI that provides UK priority and super priority visa services does not guarantee that your visa application will get the approval that you need to fly to the UK for study. Your chances of moving to the UK are higher if you meet the requirements of the UK immigration department. 

What are the UK Immigration Rules for Students? 

The immigration department checks every minor detail mentioned on your visa application to find the below-mentioned faults in your application.  

  • You will not get permission to fly to the most famous country in the world if you have been refused a visa for the UK or/and;
  • Your application will not be considered appropriate to allow you to stay in the UK if you have been refused leave to enter the UK or/and;
  • Due to any reason, you have been deported, removed, or otherwise required to leave the UK or/and;
  • Your visa application will face rejection if you intentionally or accidentally overstayed a period of leave in the UK or/and; 
  • By any chance, you had leave to remain in the UK deprived of by the Home Office or/and;
  • Due to any reason, the Home Office does not allow you to stay in the UK or/and;
  • Unfortunately, your visa application for the UK will not sound appropriate to accept if you have been refused a visa for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the, or the Schengen countries or/and;
  • Due to any reason, the police for any offence in the UK or any other foreign country have been interviewed, detained, or prosecuted you or/and;
  • Unknowingly or knowingly, you have not completed your unspent criminal conviction in any country or/and;
  • In case the police of any country have scolded you for any criminal offence or/and;
  • Your visa application has many loopholes.

If you fit into any of these criteria, you might avoid applying for the priority or super priority visa services. It is because the UKVI may not process your application within 24 hours or five working days. 

The UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) might not promise you to process your application by the end of the next working day or within five working days.


Priority and Superb Priority Visa services from the UK Visa and Immigration department are ways to make the whole visa application acceptance process quick for Indian students. 

In case you have applied for a priority or super priority visa for the UK, but you do not fit into the criteria of the UKVI, then they will contact you to inform you.