What is e-Sanad for Documents Attestation & Apostille in India?

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The e-Sanad is an online platform for placing a request for document attestation or apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. Attestation is compulsory to use legal documents in a foreign country. The e-Sanad has different user logins like Agency login, online attestation, etc. 

What is e-Sanad?

E-Sanad is an online platform to submit documents for attestation or apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. The only objective behind the development of e-Sanad is to extend contactless, cashless, faceless, and paperless apostille and normal attestation services to applicants in India. 

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) designed and developed e-Sanad. 

Which are the Documents Attested and Apostilled?

There are three types of documents that are generally attested and apostilled according to the destination country of the applicant, and they are:

1. Educational Documents

You need educational documents like your degree, mark sheet, diploma, etc., to pursue MBBS, MBA, or further education in a foreign country. The request of educational documents attestation or apostille is also placed for employment purposes in a foreign country. 

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2. Non-Educational, Better-Known as Personal Documents

Your personal documents are your marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate, police clearance certificate, medical certificate, etc., that you need to get a work visa, study visa, for divorce, marriage, and many more. 

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3. Commercial Documents

Commercial documents attestation are required when you want to spread your business abroad, export or import, and many more. 

You MEA attestation or MEA apostille by uploading your documents in digital format in e-Sanad. 

How does e-Sanad Work?

When you visit the e-Sanad site you see two login options – Agency Login and Online Attestation. 

MEA does not directly accept applications to provide attestation and apostille services. The department has officially approved four agencies for processing applications for attestation. 

Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) is one of the outsourcing agencies of MEA that have been working since 2013 to complete document attestation and apostille procedures on your behalf. 

Difference Between e-Sanad Agency Login and Online Attestation Services 

  1. Online Attestation – The documents issued by various Document Issuing Authority (DIAs) such as CBSE and NAD, apostilled and attested through e-Sanad. This service is also available for students whose university data has merged with e-Sanad. First, register yourself and upload your college degree in digital format to get an MEA attestation or MEA Apostille. 
  1. Agency Login – If your university has no tie-up with e-Sanad, you cannot register to apply for a document attestation or apostille service. You need the agency’s help to start the process for your educational, personal, and commercial documents attestation and apostille. 

Note one thing that e-Sanad is a platform where you can get only MEA attestation and MEA apostille services. 

Which Service is not Provided by e-Sanad?

The e-Sanad is a platform to get MEA attestation and MEA apostille. But, you might know that prior to MEA attestation or even MEA apostille, educational, personal, or commercial documents are legally verified and attested by their concerned state department. 

For instance, to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you need an attestation on your educational documents. The process of educational documents attestation includes the state home department, MEA, and the embassy of your destination country. 

On the other hand, e-Sanad is a platform where you upload your documents in a digital format and MEA downloads and place attestation on the colored xerox copy of your certificate or document. Many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc., do not accept attested colored xerox copies of foreign nationals documents without HRD, Home Department, Chamber of commerce and their embassy attestations. 

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How to Get Attestation and Apostille Services in India? 

The MEA and many embassies have authorised Superb Enterprise to help the government authorities and applicants in attestation and apostille assistance services. The team of SEPL handles offline and online processes of attestation and apostille. We are the authorised agency of MEA that has agency log-in of e-Sanad and process your online application for MEA attestation or MEA apostille. 

We accept applications for document attestation and apostille via email, call, and Whatsapp. You can courier your documents to one of the service centres of SEPL to process your attestation or apostille procedure. You can also visit our office to submit your certificates and collect them after attestation. 

How Long Will It Take To Get an Apostille and Attestation Through the e-Sanad Website?

Attestation or apostille service through e-Sanad taken through the agency will take one working day to complete the whole process. On the other hand, when you apply for MEA attestation and MEA apostille service through online e-Sanad on your own, the process will complete in five to ten working days.

What are Electronic Apostilles and Electronic Registers of Apostilles?

The Hague Apostille Convention gives power to the competent authorities to issue an apostille in electronic form. Better-known as e-apostille, to maintain e-registers (Electronic Registers) of apostilles. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) might develop and implement e-apostille. You can apply for e-apostille on the e-Sanad at e-Register.