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Commercial Document Attestation

Attestation proves that the particular certificate is genuine. Commercial documents are entrepreneurs, businesses, or startups' requirements to expand their work on the international market. But, for the internationally legal recognization of commercial documents, you need to verify them from the respective embassy of the country you are willing to go to.

Why Do You Need Attested Commercial Documents?

Commercial document legalization is necessary to perform business transactions in a foreign country or from a capital-based abroad. Document legalization is vital for both governments to allow business dealings between two nations. This action is to prevent fraud. Commercial documents attestation is necessary to fulfill the following purposes.

  • Business visa
  • Modification of share capital
  • Introduce or cancel a partnership in business
  • Starting a new branch in a foreign country
  • Export or import merchandise
  • Tourist license registration
  • Open a bank account in another county
  • Sale property in the home country

Commercial documents contain vital information about the parties involved in a business, goods for transport, country of manufacture, etc.

How To Get Commercial Documents Attested?

Attestation service runs by the three departments - State, MEA, and Embassy.

Because the certificate attestation is a complicated process and has many stages to cover, the MEA, from March 1, 2012, hired the authorized outsourced agencies to make the process of document for attestation easy and less lengthy.

There are two ways to apply for attestation or apostille documents service in Delhi - Online or Offline.

Online, the applicant can request his agency to pick up and drop his document from his place to run the certificate attestation process on his behalf.

On the other hand, offline means the applicant visits the agency and collects and submits his documents for attestation.

Process For Commercial Document Attestation

There are three departments involved in the process of commercial document attestation. Of the three departments, the two are the same for all types of certificate attestation services. But, the state departments change according to the document required attestation or apostille in Delhi.

The verification of commercial documents starts with the Chamber of Commerce then the MEA Re-verifies the certificate for attestation.

In the end, the embassy of the country the applicant needs a Commercial document attestation to verify the certificate and prove it legal with an attestation stamp or sign.

However, in the case of apostille commercial documents, the MEA verifies and provides the final attestation.

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Step by Step Process Of A Commercial Certificate Attestation Service

The procedure of commercial document attestation includes the following steps.

  • The Chamber of Commerce verifies the document authentication.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) re-verify the document's authenticity and send it to the embassy of the applicant's destination country.
  • The Embassy of the applicant's desitanation nation re-checks the paper to prove it is legal with an attestation stamp or sign.

How Can You Apply For A Commercial Certificate Attestation?

As you know, there are authorized agencies to run applications for certificate attestation services. So, it may not be easy for you to understand which agency will provide the best services for documents for attestation.

  • Invest your time and money in the authorized and experienced agency.
  • Communicate with professionals and hire them if they clear all your doubts correlated with commercial document attestation.
  • Choose the process at your convenience - offline and online.
  • In offline service, you submit and collect your documents for attestation from the agency office.
  • Online, the agency sends someone to your place to collect and submit your document before and affect attestation.

Types Of Commercial Documents For Attestation

Commercial documents are of various types, and people need them for export and import documentation, shipping documentation process, trade finance documents, and other business work. The following are the commercial documents people need an attestation for

Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products Memorandum of Article Certificate of Incorporation
Gmp Certificate Manufacturing Licence Company Master Data
Bill Invoices Insurance Certificate Import License
Letter of Credit Invitation Letter Authority Letter
Chamber of Commerce Certificate Memorandum Of Association Non-Disclosure Agreements
Shareholder Agreement Board Resolution Incorporation Letter
Company Profile Article of Association Power of Attorney

Popular Countries for Commercial Documents Attestation

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Processing Time For Commercial Certificate Attestation Services

Attestation is a legal process that naturally will take extra time to complete the work faultlessly. Roughly, the process of commercial document attestation takes approximately eight to ten working days to wrap up. But, various things affect the duration of certificate attestation, and they are:

  • The country of the candidate needs attestation for commercial documents.
  • The state issued the document and is involved in the certificate attestation procedure.
  • The agency the candidate has hired for certificate attestation services.

On the other hand, the commercial document attestation process duration can extend to two or three weeks or some of the time over a month due to unexpected crises.

Charges & Cost For Commercial Document Attestation

Many factors affect the expense spent on certificate attestation services, and the popular ones are:

As you know that there are three departments involved in the commercial certificate attestation process, so each department charges some amount to do the verification process.

  1. The state of the applicant who is going to verify the document is legal or not affects the fee structure of commercial document attestation.
  2. You hire the agency for commercial document apostille and attestation services to influence the commercial document attestation charge.
  3. The type of document you require attestation for is also a part that affects the fee structure.
  4. The country you have applied for attestation for also influences the cost of the certificate attestation fee.
  5. The type of attestation you have applied for your commercial documents also creates a strong impression on the fee structure of certificate attestation services.

Why Do You Need Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. For Commercial Certificate Attestation Services?

We have been in the services of attestation and apostille for commercial documents for the last 13+ years. Neither so soon nor so far. We have invested our many years and operational in 90+ countries, satisfied 89100+ clients and processed 5618300+ applications.

We have achieved many Indian and UAE certificates for our fast and faultless certificate attestation services. We are experts who understand the need of our customers.

The most important thing about SEPL is that we are 24*7 available to provide customer support attestation and apostille documents services in Delhi.

On top of this, we provide language translation and certificate attestation tracking services.

For attestation and Apostille documents in Delhi, connect with the best SEPL.

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