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Marriage Certificate Attestation

A marriage certificate attestation is mandatory to use the document in a foreign country. Attestation on a marriage certificate confirms its legitimacy to the authorities of your destination country.

An Indian marriage certificate attestation procedure includes the State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and your concerned country's foreign diplomatic mission (Embassy).

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India, is the only apex body to attest to Indian originated documents in India. MEA has officially approved Superb Enterprise. Pvt. Ltd (SEPL) to provide fast, reliable, and affordable attestation support services and assist applicants, government authorities, and foreign diplomats' missions in India.

The dedicated team of SEPL manages the administrative work of a marriage certificate attestation in Delhi. SEPL team collects, scrutinises, submits, and delivers your marriage before and after attestation.

Need for Marriage Certificate Attestation

When you move from your native country to a foreign nation on the basis of your marriage certificate, you need this document to confirm its authenticity. Attestation is the stamp placed on your marriage certificate when you have the task of using this document in a foreign country.

Here is the list of the popular reasons when you need to approach SEPL, an authorised agency, for a marriage certificate attestation.

  • For residence visa
  • To get a family visa
  • To apply for a partner visa
  • To add your spouse's name to the passport
  • For a permanent residence visa

SEPL is a leading attestation solution provider that follows a systematic, swift, and secure manner to complete your document attestation process.

Complete Process of Marriage Certificate Attestation

SEPL completes the following procedure on your behalf, whether you are present in the country or already shifted abroad.

Step 1 - State Home Department Attestation

The State Home Department verifies the legitimacy of your marriage certificate and confirms it is authentic by attesting it.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

MEA, with its MEA attestation, confirms that your marriage certificate is authentic.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

Your concerned country's embassy placed the final attestation on your marriage certificate.

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Documents Required for Marriage Certificate Attestation

SEPL is the outsourcing agency of the MEA that helps you get your document attested without any hassle. Collecting a certificate of an applicant and submitting it to the government authorities and embassy for attestation is a sensitive task that requires a secure manner to prevent forgery.

Here is the list of the documents the SEPL team requests the applicant to follow for starting and completing the complete procedure of a marriage certificate attestation.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

SEPL's dedicated team completes this process without any hindrances and at an affordable price. We are the agency you can rely on for your document attestation.

What Help SEPL Provide

SEPL's proficient team is committed to providing you the following benefits and facilities with affordable document attestation services.

Quick and Reliable Service

We get the documents of our customers attested as soon as possible.

Document Language Translation Service

We have professional translators to make a translated copy of your document into the native language of your destination UAE and Europe that accept documents for attestation in their native language.

Record Tracking Service

We provide you with a tracking number to track your document attestation process.

Availability of Services All Over India

We have service centres in almost all metro and non-metropolitan states of India to help people with fast and reliable attestation services.

Client Convenience

We have a trained and professional team that works to match the urgent requirements of clients.

Contact Details

You may reach Superb Enterprise Private Limited via the following platforms.

  • Call at +91-11-41855999 or email us your requirement at
  • You can courier your certificate or visit the SEPL service center for a marriage certificate for attestation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Attestation?

Attestation is proof that documents are authentic and original. This verification is necessary to use your documents in a foreign country for education, employment, etc.

Do I Need to Attest a Marriage Certificate?

Yes, a marriage certificate attestation needs to be carefully and securely attested by the State Home Department, MEA, and your destination country embassy.

This task is necessary to prove to the foreign country that your marriage certificate is legal and initially scrutinized by the concerned government authorities of the document-issued country and the foreign country's embassy.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Marriage Certificate Attested in Delhi?

The time duration of the attestation depends on the document type, state to state, and the destination country of the applicant.

What is the Procedure for a Marriage Certificate Attestation in Delhi for a UAE Visa?

The procedure for each country's attestation is almost the same. The following is a marriage certificate attestation procedure in Delhi for a UAE visa.

  1. State Home Department attestation
  2. MEA attestation
  3. UAE embassy attestation
  4. MOFA attestation
How can I Get my Marriage Certificate Attested in the UAE?

You can approach a SEPL expert in the UAE. We have a service centre in Dubai to help Indian and UAE citizens to attest to their documents. In Dubai, we are officially approved by MOFA to help and assist applicants and complete their attestation procedure at an affordable price.

What are the Popular Countries for Marriage Certificate Attestation?

Attestation on a marriage certificate is compulsory for use in any foreign country. Here are some popular countries that always ask for an attested marriage certificate;

  • UAE
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
How can I Attest My Marriage Certificate in Delhi?

You can contact SEPL, an officially approved outsourcing company of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), to help applicants and the government authorities with secure and fast document attestation services .

The SEPL dedicated and professional team collects documents for attestation from the customer, initially checks the genuineness of the document, then submits the papers to the government authorities for verification and attestation. Once the document attestation task is accomplished by the legal authorities, the SEPL expert delivers the attested document to the customer as per the mode he prefers.

What is the Cost of Marriage Certificate Attestation?

The fee structure charged by the authorities to provide attestation on a marriage certificate has its link with many factors, such as the type of document, state to state, and the embassy of the foreign country involved in the procedure.

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