What is NORKA Attestation, & What is its Procedure?

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The Non-Resident Keralites Affairs, commonly known as NORKA, is a division of the Government of Kerala. December 6, 1996, was the establishment day of the NORKA department for inquiring and resolving the issues of non-resident Keralites. NORKA is an association introduced by the Kerala government that functions to help the resident and non-resident Keralites anywhere in India and abroad. 

NORKA-ROOTS functions for the welfare of Keralites. NORKA is a department that plays a crucial role in certificate attestation and recruitment of the Keralites as Nurses and Domestic Service Workers in the Gulf and European countries. The association also helps to find the missing Keralites abroad and in India. The officials of NORKA track the missing Keralites out of India, among others. 

What is NORKA Attestation?

The main objective of NORKA is to take care of Keralites living in India and abroad. NORKA is a venture of the department that is accountable for the implementation of all governmental schemes. Besides, they also attest to educational certificates issued by the Kerala government. 

Generally, for educational documents, you apply for HRD attestation. NORKA attestation is a kind of HRD attestation for the Kerala government-approved educational documents used abroad. 

NORKA attestation is a confirmation that your document is authentic.

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What is the Procedure for NORKA Attestation?

  • Fill out an online application form to obtain an authentication certificate. Applicants can also go for offline attestation, but the online mode is more time-saving. All the details are required to be filled out duly in the form.
  • Once you fill out the form for NORKA certificate attestation, submit your form with your original passport and all the educational documents to the NORKA department. 
  • At last, the NORKA will attest to the educational certificates. Applicants can collect their documents from NORKA centres.
  • Once the NORKA places an attestation on your educational document, the MEA of India and your destination country embassy attest to your certificate to prove the document is authentic. 

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What is the Cost & Duration of Norka Attestation?

The cost and duration of NORKA attestation depend on the document you need an attestation for, the MEA of India, and the embassy of your country abroad. Besides this, the way you have applied for NORKA attestation also influences its cost and duration. For instance, if you avail of NORKA attestation services through an agency, the expert will charge an amount for his fast and reliable assistance. 

What is the Role of NORKA?

NORKA is the designated authority for the attestation of educational documents that originated in the state of Kerala. It implements welfare programs for the Keralites residing within and outside the country. It also renders additional assistance to Keralites during an emergency. 

The Protector General of Emigrants licensed the NORKA Roots for acting as a recruiting agency overseas. The other duties of NORKA are tracing the missing Keralites abroad, evacuating Keralites from regions of conflict, and transporting them to India.

Overseas recruitment is one of the facilities provided by NORKA to the Keralites. NORKA has been helping Keralites find decent jobs overseas for more than 20 years.

Three NORKA headquarters, you can find in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode. NORKA has no branch in any other state of India.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) approved NORKA for overseas recruitment in the 18 ECR countries – Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Yemen, etc. 

Is Norka Registration Compulsory?

Keralites need to register their names with the Department of Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA) to return to their native land from the other states of India or abroad. 

What are the Services Provided by NORKA?

The Government of Kerala started this NORKA department to help the Keralites living in a foreign country or outside Kerala in any state of India. 

  • Pravasi Renewal ID Card 
  • Pravasi ID /Pravasi Raksha Insurance Policy 
  • Student ID Card 
  • NRK Insurance Card (within India)
  • Jobs 
  • Skills & Training
  • Recruitment 
  • Certificate Attestation 

Besides these services, the NORKA department runs many schemes like NDPREM, Santhwana, etc, to take care of the needs of Keralites. 

What are the Major Objectives of NORKA?

The main motive of NORKA is that Keralites get help to deal with troubles, problems, and insecurities while working, studying, or living in another state or abroad. 

  • The welfare of NRK (Non Resident Keralites). 
  • Take care of the village and parents of NRK 
  • Spread awareness about the Malayalam language and culture 
  • Arrange an exchange program between the natives and Keralites settled abroad. 
  • Make people aware of regional development with the active participation of NRK’s 
  • Develop and maintain a social security network for NRK’s 
  • Provide a fund to help NRKs in need. 
  • Organise annual meets for NRK’s 
  • Help NRKs in returning to Kerala. 
  • Provide employment 
  • Help job seekers find employment 
  • Educate to upgrade skills of jobseekers 
  • Data Bank of NRK’s 
  • Help in investments to the State 
  • Safe people from illegal recruitment

Is NORKA Attestation Necessary for UAE?

NORKA attestation stamp on your documents is only mandatory to use records in Saudi Arabia. No need to apply for NORKA attestation to travel to UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.