What is NORKA attestation and what is its procedure?

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NORKA attestation:

The Non Resident Keralites Affairs, or commonly known as NORKA, is a division of the Government of Kerala. This department was officially established on December 6, 1996 for addressing and resolving the issues of non-resident Keralites. The main objective of NORKA is to settle down the grievances of Keralites living in India and abroad. NORKA Roots is a venture of the department, which is accountable for the implementation of all governmental schemes. Besides, they also attest educational certificates for overseas use.

The NORKA attestation centers are situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode, in Kerala.

What is the role of NORKA?

NORKA is the designated authority for the attestation of educational documents originated in the state of Kerala. It implements welfare programs for the Keralites residing within and outside the country. It also renders additional assistance to Keralites during emergency. NORKA Roots is licensed by the Protector General of Emigrants for acting as recruiting agency for overseas. The other duties of NORKA are tracing the missing Keralites abroad, and evacuating Keralites from regions of conflict and transporting them to India.

What is the procedure for NORKA attestation?

  1. First the applicant will have to fill an online application form to obtain authentication certificate. Applicants can also go for offline form, but online mode is time saving comparatively. All the details are required to be filled duly in the form.
  2. After that, the applicant will have to submit the application form along with original passport and all the educational documents at the NORKA.
  3. At last, the NORKA will attest the educational certificates. Applicants can collect their documents from NORKA centers.