What is Provisional Certificate & Why is it Required?

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When you complete your graduation, you’ll receive a provisional certificate, a temporary type of degree that will help you to accept opportunities for further education or to start your career until you receive your original degree.

There are two types of colleges, one where you regularly go for classes. The other one is where you have no classes to attend, known as open. Regular college students get their original degree at the college convocation. On the other hand, the Delhi School of Open Learning students visit the SOL centre to apply for their original degree certificates. 

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So until the student does not get a degree from the college, they use the provisional certificate to not miss the opportunities in the form of a job and higher education.

It’s one of the documents issued to the students who have completed their college or class 12th. 

What is a Provisional Certificate? 

It is an educational document you received from your university. It is temporary for use until you get your original degree certificate. Write a letter to the head of the university to receive a provisional certificate.

Now, you have an option to get your certificate DU/SOL or IGNOU online.

What are the Details Included in a Provisional Certificate?

Your provisional degree states your name, the course you have done, your division, and the university’s name. 

Purpose of a Provisional Certificate 

Generally, you need educational documents to fulfill your plans to pursue higher education and apply for a job. Furthermore, we use provisional certificates until we get our degree certificate at the convocation, apart from that there are no other reasons to get it.

On the basis of a professional certificate, you can get a job in your home country. However, to study abroad or get a job in a foreign country, you need your degree certificate with attestation. A provisional certificate confirms to the authorities that you are eligible for the service you have applied for in your home country. 

Most of the graduated students of the Delhi School of Open Learning (SOL) hardly apply to get their original degree from their university. Maximum students use their provisional certificates. They only apply for their degree when they apply to a foreign university to study abroad or search for jobs in companies like IBM. 

Types of Provisional Certificate 

Class 12th and college are the two crucial stairs vital to starting your journey to build a career based on your education. 

Class 12th Provisional Certificate

This certificate you need at every stage of your job career. It is a vital document to enroll in an undergraduate program. Every university asks for a 12th-class provisional certificate issued by the State Government, CBSE, or ISC.

University Provisional Certificate 

It is as crucial as your 12th-class provision certificate for further education and future opportunities in the job sector. 

Provisional Certificate – SOL

The School of Open Learning (SOL) was also known as the School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education. SOL offers BA, BA (Hons.), and B.Com (Hons.) at the UG level. Similarly, M.Com & MA for post-graduation. The students of SOL get their provisional certificates after the final semester. 

Difference Between Provisional Certificate and Degree Certificate

Both degree and provisional certificates demonstrate that you have passed your graduation examination. A provisional certificate is issued so the students can use it for future opportunities on behalf of the original degree by the University. 

Students use this certificate till the time they get their original degree. This certificate comes to the rescue of the students to apply for jobs or higher education. Universities like the University of Allahabad, the University of Delhi, or Hyderabad University issue this certificate to the students. 

Is Provisional Certificate DU SOL Available Online?

You can easily download it by just clicking on the DU Student Provisional Certificate site link. By filling your session, roll number, and exam number for download.

How to Apply for Provisional Certificate VTU?

VTU, Visvesvaraya Technological University is one of the top universities in India, located in Karnataka and established by the Government of Karnataka. It is one of the best universities for engineering education.

Here are the ways to apply for your VTU provisional degree certificate download. 

  • On the VTU website, go to the examination section, click on online fee payment, add your details, and select Provisional Degree Certificate.
  • When you pay the fees, you will receive a transaction ID. Note it down and for payment receipt, check your email ID. 
  • Take a printout of your Provisional Degree Certificate application form, fill it out, then submit the form online. 
  • After the form submission, take a printout of the fee receipt to the regional office.  
  • You can fill out your application form for the Provisional Degree Certificate online and visit the regional office after one week to collect your certificate.  

How to Get a Provisional Certificate from Madras University Online?

The University of Madras is famous in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This university is the oldest in India, established in 1857, and offers over 230 programs. 

Here are the steps to download your certificate from Madras University online. 

  1. Visit the University of Madras  Site 
  2. Enter your registration number.
  3. Go to the get details section, and click on the provisional certificate. 
  4. Add the requested details and download your provisional degree certificate.

Are Provisional Certificates and Passing Certificates the Same in CBSE Board?

A passing certificate is issued to the students who passed the CBSE 12th Board Exams. On the other hand, a provisional certificate is referred to as a temporary certificate until you get your original certificate. 

A passing certificate is a document issued by the CBSE Board. However, a provisional certificate is an educational document given by your school. A provisional certificate of class 12th is issued to the students who passed board exams but are still waiting to get their passing certificate. 

Sample Request Letter for Provisional Certificate to University

Student Name 

Student Address 

Current Date 

The Principal

Add College/University Name 

College/University Address

Sub: Request Letter for Provisional Certificate



With utmost respect, I_________ (Your Name), student of______________(Course Name), with__________(Registration Number) beg to state that I have been a student of your esteemed university for_______(Course Duration). I passed my course on_________(Graduation Date). I kindly request you to provide me with the provisional certificate until I do not get my original degree.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,


Your Name 

The reason to issue a provisional certificate to a student is so he can catch future opportunities in the form of further education or employment. 

The Delhi High Court passed a judgment that universities can give admission to students on behalf of their provisional certificate of previous education. 

On top of this, the Delhi High Court also called a provisional certificate a transitory degree. A student can use his certificate until the college or university issues the original degree. 

Validity of the Provisional Certificate

As per the nature of the provisional certificate, you can use it until you get your degree from your university. It is free from any expiry date for use in your home country to pursue further education or catch job opportunities. 

However, you cannot use it to enroll in a foreign university. The government authorities like the Ministry of External Affairs, HRD, and foreign diplomatic missions ask for your original degree for attestation to fulfill your educational or employment purposes abroad. 

In a nutshell, you can use a provisional certificate in your country. However, an original degree is crucial to studying and working in a foreign country.


A provisional certificate and your original degree have no difference. Both documents demonstrate that you have gained specialization in an area. Where your degree only states the course you have completed, on the other hand, a provisional certificate along with your course details includes the marks you have secured.

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