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A family is all that a person needs to get love, support, care, and affection to be content. What would you miss most if you went to live abroad? 

Family, we guess! 

Family is a pillar of strength, keeps us strong, and helps us become responsible human beings. Here we have shared everything you need to apply for a family visa for Dubai. So you can stay close to your family and support your beloved family in every bad or good phase of your life. 

What is a Family Visa for Dubai? 

Non-immigrants in Dubai who live far from their family apply for a family visa so his family can stay with him in Dubai. Just like you need a study visa or employment visa to study or work in Dubai, you need to sponsor your family to stay in Dubai with a family visa. 

How Many Types of Family Visas Are Available in Dubai?

There are three types of family visas in Dubai for non-immigrants and expats. 

  1. The 1-year family visa allows someone to sponsor his stepchildren. But this visa needs to go through the renewal process annually.
  2. A 2 years family visa is perfect for someone on a two years labour contract in Dubai who wants to sponsor his family. This visa has two years of validity or is valid till the date the visa of the sponsor is valid. 
  3. A 3 years family visa is for people working in Dubai on a three years labour contract. 

How Much Salary is Acceptable to Apply for a Family Visa in Dubai?

Working professionals can sponsor their families to stay in Dubai only if they have a minimum salary of between AED 3,000 – AED 4,000 with accommodation. This number is only for men who are working in Dubai. 

If you are a woman and want to sponsor your family, your minimum monthly income must be between AED 8,000 to 10,000. 

Safe and protected accommodation are two crucial factors that give the Dubai government relief that the immigrants in the country have space to live. 

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Who Can Sponsor a Dubai Family Visa?

It is easy for a man on a residence visa to sponsor his family to stay in Dubai. 

  • A man can sponsor his wife, or if he belongs to a Muslim community, he has the right to invite his two wives to Dubai. 
  • As a father of a son below 18, you can sponsor his visa for Dubai. 
  • A father can sponsor his married daughter’s visa for Dubai. 
  • You can sponsor your father and mother unless one of them leaves the world. 
  • You can only sponsor your parents’ family visa if you have a minimum monthly salary between AED 19,000 to 20,000 with a two-bedroom home. 
  • To sponsor your parents’ visa, you deposit AED 2,500 as a guarantee for your father and mother. 
  • Parents’ medical insurance is compulsory. 
  • You can become a sponsor of your stepchildren if their biological parents submit a written No Objection Certificate.

Can a Woman Sponsor Her Family Members for a Dubai Family Visa?

A woman can sponsor her family to Dubai, but the criteria for her are a bit challenging to reach.  

  • A woman can only sponsor her husband and son. 
  • To be a sponsor of her family, a woman should have a monthly salary of a minimum of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 with accommodation.
  • A woman who works in the professions of engineer, teacher, or medical sector can sponsor her family. 
  • On top of this, if the husband can sponsor his son, she has no permission to do it herself.

Documents Required to Obtain a Family Visa of Dubai 

  • Passport of all applicants 
  • Passport size photos 
  • Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Insurance copies of the sponsor
  • Marriage certificate with attestation and translation copy in Arabic 
  • Attested birth certificate of the child with a birth certificate translation copy in Arabic 
  • Passport and residence visa copy of the sponsor
  • Salary certificate of the sponsor 
  • Labour card of the sponsor 
  • Ejari (my rent) of the sponsor’s house (1BHK)
  • Latest water and electricity bill on the name of the sponsor
  • Trade licence copy 
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association copy of the company
  • 6-month Company or Personal Bank Statement 

How Long Does the Dubai Family Visa Processing Take?

Generally, the processing time of a family visa depends on your destination country and sponsor. Besides this, the kind of visa your sponsor has also influenced the family visa processing time. 

For instance, you live in Dubai, your family is in the country on a tourist visa, and you have applied for a family residence permit. 

On the other hand, you work in Dubai, and currently, you are in India, and from here, you are applying for your family visa for Dubai.

In most cases, the visa processing work completes fifteen to twenty working days from applying for visa stamping. But, the timeframe can stretch if there is any delay in receiving approvals from the embassy or consulate of the respective emirate. 

What are UAE Family Visa Rules 2022?

Following is a list of UAE visa rules applicable for its seven emirates. Make sure you follow these rules to keep pretty much everything in order prior to apply for a family visa in Dubai.

  • Your type of profession might not give you any extra points for a family visa in the UAE.
  • A family visa in Dubai depends on your work permit or labour contract duration. 
  • An expat with a residence permit in Dubai can apply for your family dependents visa within sixty days after they land in Dubai. 
  • A medical test at a government-approved health centre is compulsory for all family members who will come on a family visa in Dubai. 
  • You need an attested marriage certificate to sponsor your wife’s visa. The marriage certificate you use must be translated into the native language of Dubai, Arabic, by a certified translator.

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What is the Dubai Family Visa Cost 2022?

The cost of a family visa in Dubai fluctuates according to the new rules and regulations issued by the government. The applicant’s residence, duration of family visa, insurance, etc., are some factors that influence the fee of a family visa in Dubai. Below is a specified list of Dubai family visa fees. 

  • The 2-year Dubai family visa cost of 2022 for the applicant in Dubai with or without insurance is approximately AED 5272 or AED 3500.
  • A 2-year Dubai family visa for an applicant out of Dubai with or without insurance costs him approximately AED 3972 or AED 2200.

Consult an expert visa consultant to know the current cost of a Dubai family visa. 

How to Apply for a Family Visa in Dubai?

Family visas are residence visas sponsored by the expatriate or his employer. You can apply for your family visa within sixty days of receiving your residence visa. 

Applying for a family visa for Dubai is a task that includes various paperwork and assignments, so it is better to get your family visa through a visa consultancy service provider like us.

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