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BA Degree Certificate Attestation Service

BA Degree attestation is a procedure to confirm the legitimacy and originality of the Bachelor of Arts Degree certificate issued by universities/Indian institutes. The procedure includes attestation of different government authorities like State HRD, MEA, and embassy.

Superb Enterprises experienced team of experts and professionals will provide complete assistance, support, and guidance to all the applicants in the BA degree attestation procedure. We always aim to provide fast, reliable, and accurate services and facilities to all candidates who are looking forward to visiting abroad and want to attest to their BA degree.

As a team, Superb Enterprises ensure that customers are possibly updated regarding the procedure, document requirements, processing time, implications, and charges for all services. Moreover, offering satisfactory and safe attestation services is the main reason behind being the most used agency for BA degree certificate attestation services.

Reasons to Initiate the BA Degree Certificate Attestation

When the Applicant wants to move to any foreign country for multiple purposes, it has to initiate and complete all its degree certificates, including the BA degree. Plus, attestation of the BA degree is useful in getting visa approval for a preferred professional position. In case the candidate travels to any foreign country, an attested BA degree certificate may be needed for the following reasons:

  • Changes in their visa status abroad
  • Change their profession abroad
  • Education from a university/ foreign institute
  • Setup or initiate a business in a foreign country
  • Family dependent visa for spouse, parents, and children
  • Sponsorship or resident visa

Superb Enterprises offers hassle-free and accurate Bachelor of Arts Degree attestation services for all the desired candidates. However, the entire procedure is a bit time taking. Still, with the fast and reliable services of SEPL, the Applicant can complete the degree certificate attestation procedure quickly and in less time.

Moreover, the BA degree certificate attestation procedure does not require the presence of the candidate; therefore, the candidate has to only submit their original and legal BA degree certificate to Superb Enterprises through an offline or online method.

Procedure to Start the BA Degree Certificate Attestation

If the candidate does not know, then it is important for them to know that a BA degree certificate is a type of educational document; therefore, it is required to be attested in the following manner as listed below:

  • State Human Resource Department: Primarily, the BA degree certificate is submitted to the State HRD, where the certificate is legitimised by the State Human Resource Department and shared with MEA.
  • MEA Attestation: Secondarily, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) receives and confirms the verification of the BA degree certificate and forwards it to the respective embassy.
  • Embassy Attestation: Thirdly, or lastly, the final attestation is procured on the BA degree by the embassy of the destination country to authenticate the certificate.

Superb Enterprises Best to Use

  • An MEA-authorised agency: Superb Enterprises is an MEA-approved agency by the government of India. So, the Applicant can undoubtedly use the SEPL services and facilities all over India.
  • Attestation Services in India: Superb Enterprises provide attestation and apostille services and facilities all over India, like Bhopal, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. Based on the Applicant's state, they can begin using the attestation services.
  • Professional and Experienced Translators: We have a professional and experienced team of translators. The translator translates the content of the document, including the BA degree certificate, into different languages as per the candidate's preference.
  • Quick and Accurate Service: By providing a quick and trustful attestation facility in India, Superb Enterprises is becoming the foremost option for applicants as they are getting satisfactory services.
  • Certificate Tracking Service: Superb Enterprises provide a reference number to all the applicants utilising the services to get an update or notification about their certificate attestation proceeds.
  • Customer Support Service: Superb Enterprises always focuses on providing convenient and easy attestation services. Therefore we have the finest customer support team who guide with the best assistance to the Applicant to make the attestation procedure smoother for them. Therefore, we provide a 24*7 customer support service to candidates.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Document Requirement for BA Degree Certificate Attestation?

    BA degree certificate attestation is now an easy and convenient procedure with Superb Enterprises services. Moreover, the Applicant has to submit the following document along with their BA certificate in order to complete the procedure:

    • Original Certificate
    • All Year or Semester Mark Sheets Copy
    • Offer Letter Copy
    • Two Passport Size Photo
    • Passport Copy of the Certificate Holder
    What is the fee for BA Degree Certificate Attestation?

    The fees for BA degree certificate attestation completely depend on the state or place where the Applicant is living. The reasons for the difference in fees may be because of various factors like the place of issue of the certificate, etc.

    What is the time processing for the BA Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure?

    The entire BA Degree Certificate Attestation is a little bit time-consuming procedure. However, Superb Enterprises completed the procedure in less time by using its fast and hassle-free certificate attestation services.

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