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PCC Attestation Services in Delhi

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) attestation is a verification stamp provided by the Indian authorities as well as the foreign diplomatic missions (Embassies) in India to assure the document is authentic.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India places attestation on all Indian certificates.

The MEA made the attestation process easy and affordable for people by officially approving the Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) for completing the certificate attestation procedure on the applicants' behalf.

SEPL provides the best attestation services in India.

SEPL, with its dedicated professional team of attestation service providers, manages the administrative functions for a PCC attestation, from certificate collection to scrutinising it properly and submitting to the authorities for certificate attestations and delivery of processed documents to applicants in the mode they prefer.

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Need for PCC Attestation

SEPL helps applicants in completing their PCC attestation procedure for the following purposes:-

  • For long-term immigration
  • To stay in a foreign country with Residential status
  • For employment
  • For educational purposes and to acquire a study visa

PCC Attestation Procedure

SEPL has the standard experience and expertise to manage and finish the following attestation procedure of PCC.

Step 1 - State Home Department

The State Home Department confirms the authenticity of PCC with its attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

The MEA, with an MEA attestation stamp, validates the PCC.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

The respective embassy of the country where the applicant wants to go to provide the final attestation and confirms the document is authentic.

Documents Required for PCC Attestation

The following are the documents required for end-to-end assistance for the PCC attestation.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

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SEPL is the solution provider that manages the applicant document attestation, from the State Home Department to the MEA and foreign diplomatic missions.

What Assistance SEPL Provide

SEPL, with excellent and transparent attestation services, provides the following benefits and facilities.

Fast and Trustworthy Services

SEPL trained and dedicated team committed to following a systematic procedure to deliver the best services in the shortest possible time.

Language Translation Service

SEPL professional language translators make a copy of your certificate for attestation in the native language of your destination country.

Record Tracking Service

SEPL professional language translators make a copy of your certificate for attestation in the native language of your destination country.

Record Tracking Service

SEPL provides customers with a reference number to track their certificate attestation procedure.

Client Convenience

SEPL follows an easy and affordable attestation method and passionately helps the applicants in certificate attestation.

SEPL Contact Details

Applicants may contact Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd on the following media to get genuine attestation services.

  • Dial +91-11-41855999 to communicate with experts to help you.
  • Email your attestation requirements at
  • We accept documents via courier.
  • Visit the SEPL office for services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A Police Clearance Certificate indicates that the individual has no criminal record and he is a genuine person to apply for a visa for a foreign country.

Who Issues the Police Clearance Certificate?
  • The local police station
  • Regional passport office (RPO)
  • Diplomatic Missions of the residing country
How Much Does it Cost to Authenticate a PCC for Attestation?

Its cost depends on state to state, country to country, and the Embassy fees of the applicant’s destination country.

How Long Does the Attestation Procedure Take Time for a Police Clearance Certificate?

The attestation process depends from state to state and country to country where the applicant needs attestation for his PCC.

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