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Birth Certificate Attestation

A birth certificate is evidence of the birth of a child. This certificate is a record of a child before he gets his official document or an ID proof for legal works like school admission, medical, etc. A birth certificate contains a child's birth date, day, time, place, gender, name, and parents' information.

The day a child is born, the hospital will issue the required documents for the birth certificate. This legal document is necessary for government records and to reserve a child's fundamental rights. Furthermore, a birth certificate is vital for a child’s education and migration to a foreign country. But a birth certificate attestation for a UAE visa or overseas is a prerequisite for its legal use there.

Just the way a birth certificate is necessary to reserve a child’s fundamental rights and document legal use in his native country, attestation for a birth certificate is authentic for international purposes.

Birth certificate attestation makes certain requirements accomplishment easy. But, don’t be confused between Attestation and Apostille. The requirements of both attestation and Apostille are the same, but there are differences in their use and procedure. An Apostille square-shaped computer-generated sticker stamp is proof that the document crossed the procedure for scrutinising its authenticity by the state home department and ministry of external affairs (MEA). Now, the birth certificate apostille is legal to migrate to the member country of the Hague Apostille Convention.

The Hague Apostille Convention countries abolish the verification of the embassy to corroborate the details mentioned on the document to pass attestation. As per the immigration rules, the respective embassy plays the role of scrutinising a document authenticity to provide attestation for its international use. But to migrate in the Hague convention member nation, Apostille documents in Delhi or anywhere in the world are acceptable.

But attestation is vital to migrate to a country that is not a part or member of the Hague Apostille Convention. For your information birth certificate attestation for a UAE visa is necessary as the country is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention.

So, a birth certificate attestation is a process completed by the respective embassy. This action is a prerequisite to complete one process of migrating to a foreign country.

Documents Necessary For Birth Certificate Attestation in Delhi

  • Original birth certificate
  • Passport copy

Read The Other Reasons Someone Require Certificate Attestation Services

  • To study in a foreign country
  • To migrate a child from his native country to any other country
  • To get a residence permit/visa in a different country

If we look at the UAE side, then a birth certificate attestation is necessary to get the resident visa in UAE. This legal action is also mandatory for a child born in the UAE. On top of this, even if someone has a birth certificate Apostille, he still needs a birth certificate attestation for UAE.

How To Apply For a Birth Certificate Attestation?

The Ministry of External Affairs authorised expert agencies to process birth certificate attestation in Delhi. The reason to abolish the step to accept direct application from the applicant was to save and prevent the time and obstacles.

SEPL is one of the agencies legalised by the authority to commence certificate attestation services worldwide. The SEPL has been operating for 13+ years for apostille birth certificates in Delhi.

Process of Birth Certificate Attestation Find Here-

Getting an attestation on a birth certificate is a tight and time-taking procedure. The procedure contains a triple verification process to corroborate even minor details on the documents before passing certificate attestation service. The Ministry of External Affairs and the respective embassy scrutinise the authentication of documents for apostille and attestation.

However, the MEA accepts the applications from the agency to certificate attestation service. This action has made the attestation process convenient for the authority and the public. The authentication process of a birth certificate for attestation is as follows:

  1. The attestation and apostille agency receives the document from the applicant.
  2. The agency checks the legalisation of the document on its level to prevent any interruption in the process.
  3. The agency then sends the document to the State Home Department for further legalisation after thoroughly understanding it.
  4. When the State Home Department completes its process of scrutinising the authenticity of a birth certificate for attestation, the document is submitted to the MEA.
  5. The Ministry of External Affairs checks the document to support the state home department report to pursue a birth certificate for attestation.
  6. The respective embassy of the country will corroborate the authenticity reports issued by the previous authorities and release the document with attestation.

In the end, the experienced agency the applicant has connected with for attestation or apostille birth certificate in Delhi or else will courier the document.

Time and Cost to Get Birth Certificate Attestation

Attestation is a process to clear a document for legal use in a foreign country. The process has three steps that take two or three working weeks of completion. On the other hand, the time to get an attestation or Apostille document in Delhi or else depends on the type of certificate.

Apart from that, the time to get a birth certificate attestation also depends on the applicant's city or country.

But, with an experienced agency that is SEPL, the applicant can get his attested birth certificate swiftly.

There are three stages of getting attestation on a birth certificate. These certificate legalisation procedures are lengthy but hassle-free when handled by an agency.

If we consider the cost for attestation, then it depends on the certification requirement of the aspirant. The roles of the state home department, MEA, and Embassy also influence the cost of attestation and Apostille.

For affordable attestation certificate services, connect with the best, SEPL.

Why Choose SEPL For Attestation and Apostille Services?

SEPL, Superb Enterprises Private Limited is an ISO-certified agency. On top of this, the SEPL has Indian and UAE accreditation for attestation and apostille services from the last 13+ years. We are operational in 90+ countries. Neither so soon nor so far, but it took us 13+ years to gain 89100+ satisfied clients and 5618300+ processed applications who found us professional and efficient.

We expedite Attestation and Apostille services for the international use of the documents. Also, SEPL offers document translation services for hassle-free attestation and apostille.

For attestation and Apostille services, invest in the one who understands your imperative needs for it. In a nutshell, consider SEPL.

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