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Commercial Document Attestation

A provisional certificate comes under the personal documents type that is mandatory to attest to use in any foreign country. The provisional certificate attestation is an essential procedure as it approves the authenticity and genuineness of the document. The authentication process is imposed by government agencies providing permission to visit a foreign country. Moreover, the implicated government office needs confirmation that a candidate is an opportune person whenever the applicant is getting a visa or rendering attested certificates. Plus, the procedure of legitimation in India is vast and time taking.

Moreover, Superb Enterprises has fast, steady, accurate, and affordable provisional certificate attestation services. We also aim to provide hassle-free and affordable services to the applicant. Furthermore, the candidate can use the SEPL 24*7 customer assistance service if they face any issues.

Requirement for Provisional Certificate Attestation

Provisional certificate attestation is one of the essential procedures of legitimation in which an attestation stamp is placed on the certificate from the respective government officials. Moreover, the entire procedure must be completed from India if the candidate is from India and looking forward to visiting any foreign country. Educational Universities/Institutes offer Provisional certificates to pass-out applicants so that they can get job opportunities, directing that the applicant has finished their graduation.

Documents Required for Provisional Certificate Attestation

Applicants must forward the documents below to the Superb Enterprises team to initiate the Provisional certificate attestation procedure.

  • Original Provisional Certificate
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate Holder
  • Photographs
  • Authorization letter

Superb Enterprises is extensively experienced in providing attestation services in India. We handle the entire procedure from the State Home Department, MEA, and embassy attestation on the candidate's behalf.

Steps Included in Provisional Certificate Attestation

In order to use the Superb Enterprises provisional certificate attestation services, the applicant has to submit their original and valid provisional certificate to Superb Enterprises by using online or offline.

  • State Home Department: In the initial step, the provisional certificate must be authenticated by the State Home Department and submitted to the MEA.
  • MEA Attestation: Then, MEA receives the certificate and confirms the legitimacy of the document by procuring its attestation stamp on the certificate. And forward the provisional certificate to the embassy where the applicant wants to visit.
  • Embassy Attestation: Lately, after receiving the provisional certificate from MEA, the embassy of the destination country approves the certificate's authentication by its embassy attestation. /li.

If the candidate is facing any queries or issues regarding the procedure, they are free to contact the professionals and experts of Superb Enterprises to resolve their issues and queries.

Use Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Services

Apart from providing responsive customer services, Superb Enterprises is also known for offering the below-highlighted services:

  • MEA-Approved Agency: To initiate the Provisional certificate attestation services, the applicant must use an MEA-authorised agency like Superb Enterprises, which offers safe and secure services.
  • Convenient and Hassle-Free Services: Using Superb Enterprises Provisional certificate attestation services are best to use as they are convenient and hassle-free.
  • Language Translation Service: We offer a language translation service for candidates who want to convert the content of their documents to different languages like Korean, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, etc.
  • Quick and Trustworthy Services: Superb Enterprises have a professional and expert team who manages all the Provisional certificate attestation procedures on behalf of the applicant and completes the entire process quickly and securely.

Ways to Contact Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Being responsive and extremely professional, Superb Enterprises provides various ways to contact the team to get any kind of help:

  • Call +91-8527270999, +91-8860025047, +91-9810601955 and discuss queries with the SEPL professional team.
  • Applicants can send their mail to
  • Or, the candidate can courier their documents or visit the Superb Enterprises Office nearby.

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