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Marriage Certificate Apostille

A marriage certificate apostille is necessary to validate the document's authenticity in the Hague Apostille convention country or overseas. This document is proof that you are legally married. Also, marriage certificate attestation for UAE or any other nation is not unavoidable if someone wants a family visa or spouse visa.

Why Do You Need An Attested Marriage Certificate?

A marriage certificate is a legal document verifying marriage between two people. This document is necessary to cross the apostille process. So the applicant becomes eligible to apply for several services and facilities for married couples in his destination country.

When you take an apostille marriage certificate service, you abolish the embassy verification for a document in the Hague Apostille convention country. A small MEA Apostille stamp on the backside of your certificate certifies that you and your document are legal to be present in a foreign country.

Here are some common reasons when you need marriage certificate attestation.

  • To obtain dual citizenship
  • To own the ownership of the property.
  • To work in a foreign country.
  • To bring a spouse.
  • To add the spouse's name to the passport.
  • To admit wife for delivery in the hospital.
  • To apply for a child's passport.

When a married person migrates to a foreign country, he requires a marriage certificate apostille to confirm his marriage.

How To Get A Marriage Certificate Apostille?

Two authorities run the process for the Indian marriage certificate Apostille - State Home Department and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

From March 1, 2012, the MEA processes the Apostille marriage certificate services through the authorized outsourced agencies. The applicant can approach an authorized Apostille service agency itself.

The applicant can request his agency to pick up and drop his marriage certificate for the Apostille service from his place.

The indirect application action taken by the government authorities is to finish the lengthy and complicated process of marriage certificate Apostille fast and free from hassle.

Process For Marriage Certificate Apostille

The State Home Department verifies the non-educational or personal documents to provide Apostille services. After the state, the MEA re-verifies the marriage certificate for Apostille.

Generally, the embassy of the applicant's destination country verifies the document and provides an attestation for a marriage certificate.

In the end, the embassy of the country the applicant needs a Commerical document attestation to verify the certificate and prove it legal with an attestation stamp or sign.

However, in the case of Apostille service, the MEA verifies and provides the final attestation.

Step by Step Process Of A Commercial Certificate Attestation Service

The following are the steps of marriage certificate Apostille.

  • The State Home Department verifies the marriage certificate
  • Then MEA re-verify the marriage certificate and proves it authentic stamp for international use with Apostille.

The process of Apostille for marriage certificate service is lengthy, complicated, and time-taking. The MEA has collaborated with expert and experienced agencies to keep the Apostille marriage certificate service easy and swift.

How Can You Apply For A Marriage Certificate Apostille?

The government authorities accept indirect applications for marriage certificate apostille through their outsourced agencies. Superb Enterprises Private Limited is one of the experienced apostille service agencies. Move on to understand how you can apply for apostille marriage certificate services.

  • Choose the authorized and experienced apostille service agency.
  • Agency will implement your marriage certificate apostille requirement on your behalf.
  • Through online or offline communication with professionals, clear your all concerns correlated with marriage certificate attestation for any country.
  • Choose the marriage certificate apostille process at your convenience - offline and online.
  • You have contacted SEPL expert for apostille marriage certificate offline service, in which you submit and collect your documents for attestation from the agency office.
  • On the other hand, you can take an online service for an apostille marriage certificate and ask the agency to send someone to your place to collect and submit your document.

Documents Required For A Marriage Certificate Apostille

The following documents your apostille service agency needs from you for apostille attestation.

  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Passport copy

Processing Time For A Marriage Certificate Apostille

Roughly, attestation work takes approximately eight to ten working days to wrap up. But, various things affect the time span of a marriage certificate Apostille, and some of them are:

  • The country of the candidate has applied for apostille service.
  • The state involves in the process of a marriage certifiate apostille.
  • The apostille service agency the candidate has hired for his work.

On the other hand, unexpected problems can extend the apostille work to two or three weeks or some of the time over a month.

Charges & Cost For A Marriage Certificate Apostille

The expenses of a marriage certificate apostille in India rely upon the country you require it and the state's contribution in the verification process. The state associated with apostille marriage certificate service likewise impacts the expense construction. On top of this, the kind of report, authentication, and additional services like verification of documents with pick up and drop facilities impact the expense construction of attestation.

For affordable Indian marriage certificate apostille, call us now

Why Do You Need Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. For MEA Apostille?

The Superb Enterprises Private Limited has been in the apostille attestation services for 13+ years. This journey of helping people in attestation and apostille is not easy as shelling peas. We have gained the expertise to work to fulfill the urgent needs of someone to apostille his document.

We are present in 90+ countries to provide hassle-free and fast apostille marriage certificate services. Around 89100+ clients are satisfied by choosing us as their apostille service agency. Along with that, in these years, we have processed 5618300+ applications.

The most important thing about SEPL is that we are 24*7 available to provide customer support attestation and apostille documents services in India.

On top of this, SEPL has got many Indian and UAE certifications for the following facilities.

  • Language Translation Service
  • Document Tracking Service
  • Fast and Reliable Service
  • Pick up and Drop Service
  • Availability Across all India
  • 24*7 Customer Service
  • Accuracy and Expertise in Job

Contact Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. for the best services in India.

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