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B.Com Degree Certificate Attestation Services Degree certificate attestation is mandatory in order to approve the certificate's authenticity and originality. The degree is categorized under the educational documents; therefore required to be attested by the State HRD first, then the MEA embassy, and lastly by the respective embassy where the candidate wants to move for education, employment, or other reasons.

Superb Enterprises experienced and highly professional team offers full assistance and 24*7 support in the attestation procedure. Plus, we manage the services as per the requirement of the applicant so that they can easily and comfortably get their document attested. Despite that, we also complete the attestation on the candidate's behalf.

Reasons to Use B.Com Degree Certificate Attestation Services

There can be various purposes based on which the candidate requires to use Superb Enterprises Certificate Attestation for B.Com Degree services. Some of them as listed below:

  • Job or work in a foreign company
  • Family dependent visa for spouse, children, and parents
  • Education from a foreign institute/university
  • Set Up a business in a foreign country
  • Sponsorship or Resident Visa
  • Change his profession abroad.
  • Change his visa status abroad.

Procedure for B.Com Degree Certificate Attestation

The entire certificate attestation procedure is based on the type of documents. degree certificate is a type of educational document, therefore, required to be attested by the State HRD first.

So, the applicant wants to use SEPL attestation facilities. In that case, they must have to submit their original B.Com certificate as we have to approve the originality and genuinity of the certificate and then proceed in the following manner to complete the procedure on the applicant's behalf.

  • State Human Resource Department Attestation: Primarily, the B.Com Degree Certificate attestation is submitted to the State HRD, where the State Human Resource Department legitimizes the document and then forwards it to MEA.
  • MEA Attestation: Secondly, the MEA receives and confirms the authentication of the B.Com degree certificate and forwards it to the respective embassy.
  • Embassy Attestation: In the end, the final attestation is procured by the respective embassy on the certificate.

Step 1

State Human Resource Department Attestation

Step 2

MEA Attestation

Step 3

Embassy Attestation

Superb Enterprises Is Best to Choose

Superb Enterprises has been offering MEA-authorized attestation services since 2008. Hence it is one of the most preferred agencies by the applicants. We are the best as we offer highly professional services to complete the attestation procedure. Plus, we also offer the following services as mentioned below.

  • Fast and Reliable Service: We offer fast and reliable authentication services; therefore, we help the candidate complete the attestation process in less time.
  • Services Availability Across All India: Superb Enterprises provides attestation and apostille services in all parts of India, including Kolkata, Bhopal, Delhi, etc.; based on the city or state the applicant is living in, the applicant needs to use the services of that particular state.
  • Document Collection and Delivery Services: Superb Enterprises also offer document collection and delivery services. It means the applicant can submit their documents via online or offline mode. And after concluding the attestation procedure, we deliver the final documents per their selected method.
  • Customer Service: Superb Enterprises always focuses on providing quick, reliable, and hassle-free attestation services. Moreover, we provide the finest customer support service each time per the applicant's requirements. With SEPL 24*7 customer support services, we make the complete process convenient for the candidates.
  • Professional and Experienced Translators: We consist of a team of professional and expert translators who are extensively experienced in converting the content of the certificate accurately, affordably, and uninterruptedly.

Ways to Contact Superb Enterprises

Candidates using Superb Enterprises certificate attestation services and facing any issues or want to clear their queries regarding the procedure can use any of the below-mentioned ways to contact the SEPL team.

  • Candidates can submit their queries to the Superb Enterprises portal by filling them out from the official website.
  • Furthermore, the applicant can send Mail-
  • Call/WhatsApp us +91-8527270999, +91-8860025047, +91-9810601955
  • The professional SEPL team receives the certificate and explains the complete attestation procedure details to the candidate, including the processing time and fees.
  • Plus, the candidate can submit or courier the original certificates with SEPL.
  • Once the procedure gets completed, the applicant is informed to manage a pick-up/ courier delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What basic documents are required to get a B.Com Degree Certificate Attestation?

B.Com degree certificate attestation is important for the applicant to initiate and complete properly if they wish to visit abroad to work, study, or for any other purposes. For this, they can use Superb Enterprises document attestation services, which are safe and secure. Plus, the candidate is required to submit the following documents to the SEPL team so that we can initiate the procedure on their behalf:

  • Original Certificate
  • All Year or Semester Mark Sheets Copy
  • Offer Letter Copy
  • Two Passport Size Photo
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate Holder
How much does a B.Com degree certificate attestation charge in India?

The B.Com degree certificate attestation offers all the necessary and required services at a very affordable cost. Moreover, the actual cost depends on various elements like the type of certificate, state or city, and different factors.

How much time is required to complete the B.Com degree certificate attestation in India?

The B.Com degree attestation services processing time is based on multiple factors like the state or city where the candidate stays, the type of document, or any other reasons. To get fast, reliable, and hassle-free attestation services, the candidate can select Superb Enterprises.


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