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ITI Certificate Attestation Services

ITI certificate attestation is mandatory when you wish to use this document in a foreign country. ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute.

ITI diploma certificate attestation demonstrates that this document is verified and authenticated by the concerned authorities of the applicant's home country and the destination country's embassy.

All Indian-issued certificates verified and attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, the Government of India.

Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) is the outsourcing company of MEA that completes the documents attestation procedure on the applicant's behalf.

The team of SEPL has the responsibility of collecting documents from the applicant, then checking the authenticity of documents and submitting them to the concerned authorities for attestation.

We deliver the document after attestation as per the mode accorded by the applicant.

ITI Certificate Attestation Need

Attestation of documents is a task accomplished by someone who wishes to move from his native country to abroad.

Attestation is a prerequisite if you are going to use this certificate for the following purposes.

  • Pursue advanced education based on your ITI certificate
  • Apply for a job in the IT industry based on your ITI diploma certificate

Documents Required for ITI Certificate Attestation

The team of SEPL requests the applicant to submit the following documents to complete the attestation procedure for an ITI certificate.

  • Original ITI certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Authorization letter (If Applicable)

SEPL focuses on completing the procedure of an ITI certificate attestation at your convenience.

ITI Certificate Attestation Procedure

ITI certificate is an educational document verified and attested by the following authorities.

ITI Certificate Attestation

Step 1 - State HRD Attestation

The State Human Resource Development (HRD) Department of the country that issued the certificate confirms it is authentic for international purposes with its HRD attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) handles all the international relationships for the country, demonstrating the ITI certificates issued in India are authentic with its MEA attestation.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

The respective embassy of the destination country of the application reconfirms the authenticity of an ITI certificate with its embassy attestation.

Note-ITI certificate attestation procedure depends on the destination country of the applicant.

What Help SEPL Provide

The disciplined and organised team of SEPL follows a systematic procedure to accept applications from applicants, submit applications to the concerned departments for attestations, and deliver attested documents to the applicants.

Here are the facilities and services we provide to our customers.

Quick and Reliable Service

The team of SEPL completes document attestation tasks in a swift and secure manner.

Language Translation Service

We provide professional translation services to customers going to the country whose embassy provides attestation on the translated copy of the original document.

Record Tracking Service

We give our customers a reference number to track the progress of their attestation procedure.

Availability of Services All Over India

We have branches in almost all metro and non-metropolitan cities in India.

Contact Details

  • Either +91-8527270999 or +91-8860025047, an expert, will help you understand attestation and its procedure for your type of document authentication.
  • You can email your application for a document attestation here
  • You can visit our office to submit your certificate or document for attestation.
  • We also accept documents for attestation via courier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ITI Certificate?

ITI certificate is a two year course after 10th class. Students enrol in the ITI certificate program to become eligible to apply for jobs in the IT industry, Railways, Telecom, State-wise PWDs, and the Indian Armed Forces.

How Much Does an ITI Certificate Attestation Cost?

The fee structure of attestation depends on various factors and some of which are as follows;

  • Type of document
  • State to State
  • Destination country of the applicant
How Long Does It Take for ITI Certificate Attestation?

The processing time of attestation also depends on many things, and they are;

  • Type of document.
  • Departments involved in the attestation procedure.
How to Get ITI Certificate Attestation?

ITI certificate attestation is the service provided by the concerned state department, MEA, and the embassy of the destination country of the applicant.

The MEA and other departments prefer to accept applications for attestation via its outsourcing agency.

Contact the team of SEPL to avail of authorised and swift attestation services for the ITI certificate.

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