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SSC Certificate Attestation

SSC certificate attestation demonstrates that the certificate is authentic for use in a foreign country. SSC is an abbreviation of a Secondary School Certificate. The students receive an SSC certificate after completing the 10th class study.

The task of document attestation in India for Indian documents comes under the department of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the Government of India.

The MEA provides the attestation service to the applicants through its outsource company, Superb Enterprise Private Limited.

Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) is the agency officially approved by the MEA to handle the administrative body of document attestation.

The team of SEPL has the requisite experience to complete the procedure of SSC attestation.

The dedicated and professional SEPL team collects documents from applicants to scrutinise their authenticity prior to sending them to the concerned departments.

Once the documents cleared the verification producer and got attestations from the concerned authorities, the team of SEPL asked the applicants to request the method they prefer to collect or receive their attested documents.

SSC Certificate Attestation Need

SSC is an educational certificate required for the following reasons.

  • To apply for higher studies
  • Migration
  • Employment
  • Other visa purposes

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SSC certificate attestation is compulsory to avail of when you are going to use this certificate in any foreign country.

Documents Required for SSC Certificate Attestation

The attestation procedure involves various authentication and legalisation steps, and for that, the SEPL team needs the following documents.

  • Original SSC certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Authentication letter (If Applicable)

SSC Certificate Attestation Procedure

The SSC certificate is the first and basic qualification certificate issued in the name of an Indian who has passed 10th. The following steps are necessary for attestation of the SSC certificate.

SSC Certificate Attestation

Step 1 - HRD Attestation

The State Human Resource Department (HRD) has the legal authority to verify SSC certificates and place an attestation stamp on the certificate to confirm it is original and authentic.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

After the State HRD attestation, the SSC certificate submits to the MEA for the final attestation on the national level. The MEA demonstrates that the SSC certificate is genuine with its MEA attestation.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

The respective embassy of the country where the applicant will use his SSC certificate places the final attestation on the document and confirms it is bonafide for international purposes.

You can consult us for attestation of SSC, which confirms that the document is authentic and issued by the State or Central Board.

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What Help SEPL Provide

Here are some reasons the MEA has approved us for attestation services.

Quick and Reliable Service

The dedicated team of SEPL provides attestation service to the applicants as per their convenience and requirements.

Language Translation Service

Various countries, especially the Gulf and European embassies, place attestation stamps on the translated copy of the original document of the applicant. The professional language translators of SEPL make a translated copy of the original document in the native language of the applicant’s destination country.

Record Tracking Service

Our customers can track their document attestation procedure. We provide customers with a reference number to track their document attestation procedure progress.

Availability of Services All Over India

The SEPL office branches are available in metro and non-metropolitan states in India.

Contact Details

You may contact us:-

  • Dial +91-8527270999/ +91-8860025047 to talk to an expert to avail the attestation services.
  • Email your request for document attestation to

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is SSC Certificate Attestation Cost?

The cost of attestation of documents depends on various factors, such as the certificate, the concerned department involved in the process, and the embassy country of the applicant.

How Long Does it Take for the Attestation of an SSC Certificate?

The processing time of a certificate attestation depends on the following factors;

  • The embassy of the applicant's destination country.
  • The time consumed by the concerned state department, the MEA, and the embassy.
How to Get SSC Certificate Attestation Services?

The MEA of India and the embassy of foreign countries accept applications for attestation through Superb Enterprise. The applicant can visit our nearest office to apply for a SSC certificate attestation service or can courier his document to the office of SEPL to avail our services.

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