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The requirement of a transfer certificate attestation occurs when a child is shifting to a new country with his parents. This certificate attestation confirms that the document is original and authentic.

The Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, the Government of India, provides an attestation service for all documents issued in India.

However, the MEA accepts documents for attestation through its officially authorised company, Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL).

The team SEPL, since 2008, has been working in the position of MEA-authorised agency to help the applicants and assist the concerned government department with its swift and secure document attestation services.

SEPL provides document attestation services all over India.

What Transfer Certificate (TC) is

A school transfer certificate is an educational document a student is required to take admission to a new school.

A transfer certificate, also known as a school leaving certificate, contains the details of a student, like birth date, class, examination board, etc.

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Need of a Transfer Certificate Attestation

Attestation is needed to prove the authenticity of a document for use abroad. Here are some common reasons to get legal and authorised attestation services for a transfer certificate.

  • To take admission to the school in your destination country from grades 2 to 12.
  • A transfer certificate is vital for students attending Pre-K, KG1, KG2, and Grade 1 and planning to transfer to a new school.

SEPL provides complete support, from document submission to collection from the concerned department before and after attestation.

Documents Required for a Transfer Certificate Attestation

Here are the documents the SEPL team required to complete the process of attestation for a transfer certificate.

  • Original Transfer Certificate
  • Passport of the Applicant
  • Authorization Letter (If Required)

The team of SEPL keeps your important documents safe and secure.

Transfer Certificate Attestation Procedure

The attestation procedure of a transfer certificate depends on the destination country of the applicant. But, here is a general procedure followed by all foreign embassies.

Transfer Certificat Attestation
  • Step 1 - HRD Attestation The State Human Resource Department (HRD) verifies and places an attestation stamp on the transfer certificate that confirms its authenticity.
  • Step 2 - MEA AttestationOnce the State HRD places an attestation stamp on a transfer certificate, the MEA also confirms the document's authenticity with MEA attestation.
  • Step 3 - Embassy Attestation The final attestation stamp is placed by the respective embassy of the concerned country of the applicant.

What Help SEPL Provide

The SEPL team helps the applicant by providing him with the following facilities with legal document attestation services.

Quick and Secure Services

We provide our customers with the best service to meet their urgent needs. We keep the data and information of a customer safe and secure.

Document Translation Service

We are a team of professional translators that make a translated copy of your document in the language of your destination country. It is because various countries provide embassy attestation on the translated copy of the original document.

Document Tracking Facility

Our customer can track his document attestation procedure with the help of a reference number provided to him.

Availability All Over India

We have offices in all metro and non-metropolitan cities in India to meet the requirements of our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in offering the best to our customers that will encourage them to keep coming back to us for document attestation services.

Contact Details

You may contact us;

  • Dial +91-8527270999 or +91-8860025047
  • Email here
  • Visit our office to submit documents for attestation.
  • Courier your transfer certificate and the other necessary documents to our office for attestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There any Validity Date of a Transfer Certificate (TC) From the School?

A transfer certificate is valid for a month from its issued date. A student should complete the task related to a transfer certificate within this specified period to avoid any obstacles.

Is the Attestation Done on the Original Transfer Certificate or Copy?

The MEA and many embassies place an attestation stamp on the original transfer certificate.

What is the Cost of a Transfer Certificate Attestation?

The cost of a document attestation depends on the type of document and the departments that provide attestation services.

Yes, the respective embassy of the country where the applicant will go also influences the attestation cost.

How Many Days Will It Take for a Transfer Certificate Attestation?

It could take ten to fifteen days, depending on the destination country of the applicant and the working days the state and MEA take to place attestation stamps on the document.

How Can You Contact the Concerned Departments for a Transfer Certificate Attestation?

The MEA accepts documents for attestation from Superb Enterprise Private Limited. You can visit our office in your city to submit your application for attestation.

If we have not yet opened our office in your city, courier your document to our main office in Delhi for attestation. We will post your documents after attestation.

We keep your documents and data safe.

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