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PCC apostille is a verification done by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, assuring the document is authentic.

PCC stands for a Police Clearance Certificate.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India, provides apostille service to someone willing to go abroad for higher education, employment, or any other reason.

Apostille is a computer-generated sticker stamp placed on your legal documents for use in the member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention October 1961.

The MEA officially approved Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) to process the certificate apostille procedure without hassle.

SEPL provides the best apostille support services in India.

SEPL, with its dedicated professional team, manages the administrative task associated with a PCC apostille. The team of SEPL collects PCC from the applicant to scrutinise it properly before submitting it to the authorities to process the apostille task.

Once the team of SEPL receives the apostilled document, we deliver it to the applicant or request him to collect his document from our office.

Need for PCC Apostille

A person needs PCC when he shifts from his native country to a foreign destination for study, education, employment, etc. Here are the most common reasons why people apply for a PCC.

  • For long-term immigration
  • To stay in a foreign country with Residential status
  • For employment
  • For educational purposes and to acquire a study visa

PCC Apostille Procedure

The dedicated professional team of SEPL has the required experience and expertise to manage and finish the following procedure.

PCC Apostille

Step 1 - State Home Department

PCC is a personal document that the State Home Department verifies and confirms the certificate is authentic with home attestation.

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Step 2 - MEA Apostille

After the State Home Department attestation, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) confirms the document is authentic with MEA apostille.

The reason to introduce Apostille was to abolish the requirement for embassy legalisation and simply the process of authenticating a document. It is the reason the embassy has no role to play in a document apostille procedure.

Documents Required for PCC Apostille

The team of SEPL needs the following documents to run the process of PCC apostille on your behalf.

  • Original PCC certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

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SEPL is the solution provider that manages the apostille procedure for PCC, from the State Home Department to the MEA.

What Help SEPL Provide

SEPL, since 2013, provides the best apostille services and the following facilities to the applicants.

Fast and Trustworthy Services

The team of SEPL is familiar with the ins and outs of apostille and attestation services. We are committed to following a systematic procedure to deliver the best services to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Document Translation Service

Various foreign countries accept apostille documents in their native language. The SEPL professional language translators make a translated copy of your certificate into the native language of your destination country.

Document Tracking Service

We provide our customers with a reference number so they can track the progress report of their document apostille procedure.

Client Convenience

We follow an easy method to process applicants’ applications for document apostille.

Contact Details

Applicants may contact Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd on the following medium to get genuine attestation services.

  • You can dial +91-8527270999 or +91-8860025047 to talk to an expert to take apostille service for any apostille convention member country.
  • Email your request for a document apostille here at
  • You can courier your document or visit our office for apostille services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A PCC is a document issued in the name of someone willing to move to a foreign country for education, employment, etc. This certificate conforms to the government authority of the foreign country of the applicant that he has no criminal record in his home country.

Who Issues the Police Clearance Certificate?

The following are the departments that issue a PCC in the name of those who will go abroad.

  • The local police station
  • Regional passport office (RPO)
  • Foreing Diplomatic Missions
How Much Does it Cost to Authenticate a PCC for Apostille?

The cost of PCC apostille depends on various factors like the state department involved in the process, etc.

How Long Does the Apostille Procedure Take Time for a Police Clearance Certificate?

The procedure of the apostille is not lengthy. But, the time to complete the process of the apostille for PCC depends on the time the State Home Department takes to verify the document and place an attestation stamp on it. Besides this, the time MEA takes to apostille a certificate also matters.

How to Get Apostille?

The MEA has officially authorised SEPL to accept the application from an applicant and process his apostille procedure. The MEA accepts applications to apostille a document from SEPL. You can contact us to process your document apostille procedure. You can visit our office or courier your document for faster processing.

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